Meet Entrepreneur Dr Kambiz K. Sadrei, a Cosmetic Dentist who is setting a trend through his skills and Marketing Strategies!

Be it movie stars, musicians or even sports personalities, you will not notice anyone without shining white teeth! During earlier times, if you remember, celebrities would take care of looks but due to some reason or the other, they used to be content with the set and type of teeth they had. But not anymore. Let alone celebrities, today, even the common man is very conscious of the sparkle of his teeth.

In recent years’, cosmetic dentistry has witnessed a meteoric rise owing to the influence of the burgeoning social media culture. The trend of the millennial generation appearing in front of the camera to create videos has led to them becoming more conscious of their appearance and beauty, including their smiles. Modern-day dentists have successfully merged cosmetic dentistry with regular dentistry to offer a wholesome treatment package to their clients. Who better to let us know more about it than Dr. Kambiz K. Sadraei, one of America’s top Cosmetic Dentist and a Wily Entrepreneur.

Dr. Kambiz K. Sadrei is a Cosmetic Dentist through which he provides professional oral care focusing on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth, gums, and overall smile. Common procedures include teeth whitening, veneers, fillings, and implants. He is the founder and owner of Divine Dental Spa, a cosmetic dentistry clinic located in Texas, USA that works on smile design and restoration along with oral health. Besides, Dr Kambiz is an entrepreneur who, through ace marketing strategies on the digital platform has built his client base.

Divine Dental Spa is a premier smile design and smile restoration center that has created smiles that are some of the most celebrated and photographed of our times. They are known for treating all sorts of people from regular folks to celebrated folks where each moment of patient’s time and appointment is valued as unique. They provide services such as Veneers, Bonding, Whitening, Crowns, Bridges, Porcelain Inlays/Onlays, Implants, Invisalign Orthodontics, Gum Reshaping, Cleanings and Smile Facelift.

It is worth noticing that Divine Dental Spa has gone up the popularity charts due to its digital marketing strategies. No doubt, it’s an efficient dental clinic but there are so many clinics out there but Divine Dental Spa is the name on everybody’s lips. Digital marketing for dentists and clinics? Sounds odd? But then, with the tremendous growth of internet users, digital marketing is nowadays necessary for each and every sector. There are various online marketing strategies for doctors and dentists alike that can be planned with deep research. 

As the dental industry comes up with newer professionals every other day, it has become vital to let people know about it. Apparently! With so many dentists all around, how do you make yourself visible among the masses? People need to know about you, isn’t it?

“Internet marketing for dentists of all kinds hold a lot of importance. But it might be a daunting task at times. “Marketing a dentist’s face in such a way that the patients should find it trustworthy enough to make a visit.” says Dr Kambiz. According to him, only a handful of dentists are making use of digital marketing strategies to promote themselves. The number is definitely less. Dr Kambiz adds, “There are ample dentists out there, but the patients do not even know. So in order to make yourself identifiable, the online presence is necessary.”

Dr Kambiz K. Sadraei grew up in Los Angeles, California, and graduated with a degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery D.D.S from the University of Detroit Mercy, Michigan. He currently resides in El Paso, Texas, where he founded his clinic, Divine Dental Spa. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Kambiz K. Sadraei has gained the title as the only cosmetic dentist in North America to perform Buccal Fat Pad Reduction surgery. Buccal Fat Pad Reduction is a surgery that removes the built up fat that is stored underneath the cheekbone area and under facial muscles. It can affect the shape of a face, giving the characteristic trait of chubby cheeks. Once patients undergo the surgery, they are left with results of a chiseled or angled look. This surgery is usually performed by plastic surgeons, however, Dr. Sadraei has mastered the skill through knowledge and experience. 

Until a few years back, the primary mode of gaining visitors or patients for Dr Kambiz was word-of-mouth marketing, but you very well know the potential outcome is not enough to mitigate his clinical expenses. But soon he started using cutting-edge digital marketing technologies just not to raise awareness but also to create strong trust in the market & eventually, leading the race of revenue generation.In a recent interview with a TV channel, he laid stress on digital marketing for dentists by saying, “Well, it surely will intrigue you how people can trust dentists easily; well, that’s psychology. You might trust Colgate more than any other brand just because the dentist who was in the advertisement seemed more approachable and warm!

So that’s how the digital sector works with your psychology to make you trust dentists. It’s not an eye-opener, though, but it has some benefits to provide!”

Today Dr Kambiz is one of the leading cosmetic dentists of America. He believes that dentistry is a science, but cosmetic dentistry is an art. As a cosmetic dentist, through exceptional artistic talent, technical skill, creativity and an eye for beauty, he creates a flawless smile – individually crafted and perfected for each patient. As an artist, Dr. Kambiz works with patients on the best approach to not just finding a solution but a permanent transformation to restore the elegance and power of one’s smile. Renowned for his work with distinguished and celebrity-status clientele ranging from celebrities to Royal Family members, Dr. Kambiz’s reputation in cosmetic dentistry is synonymous with extraordinary and exceptional — yet on-call for clients of all walks of life. Besides, Dr Kambiz K. Sadraei also offers free dental treatments to cancer patients or survivors. He has stated that, “Anyone who has had a history of battling cancer, or is a current patient undergoing treatment or who has just been diagnosed are welcome to have a free dental treatment.” The humble cosmetic dentist has been donating $150,000 worth of free dental treatment for the last 3 years. He has always been determined to help people who struggle financially or are going through the hardest struggles in their lives. Due to his inputs in the field of field of cosmetic dentistry, he has been honored with America’s top dentist award in 2017 and 2018.

This ace Entrepreneur’s goal is to have well-frequented practice rather than a mass practice. He is an inspiration for a number of young dentists who wish to be like him in terms of skills and success. Due to so much popularity, he has been able to amass 120K followers on his Instagram handle in a quick succession of time! He often shares the testimony of his patients on social media. Besides, he shares tips and skills on different ways to success and often comes live to address his audience.

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