Start-ups awarded the Best Tech Start-up of the Year in the Blockchain domain, by Entrepreneur Awards 2022

New Delhi: Entrepreneur Awards 2022 is the flagship annual event of Entrepreneur Media. It brings together the movers and shakers of India and the Asia Pacific to meaningfully combine people, platform, practice & profit to build successful enterprises. The 2022 award ceremony saw 1000+ attendees and 75+ award categories. was recognised as the Best Tech Start-up of the year in the Blockchain domain by Entrepreneur Awards 2022. The award was presented by Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief for progressive Business Media Entrepreneur APAC (Asia Pacific), to Dr. Pratik Gauri, the CEO and Founder of

Gauri gave a keynote speech at the event, sharing the rise of to a blockchain unicorn in less than 11 months. He also talked about the impact of Blockchain and Web 3.0 on sustainability. “Web 3 is here to stay. We have integrated sustainability into Web 3”, said Dr. Pratik Gauri.  

Awardees in other categories at the Entrepreneur Award 2022 include innovators like Sandeep Nailwal (Co-Founder of Polygon), Ravindra Singh (Founder of Kalaari Capital), Sunitha Viswanathan (Kae Capital), Priyanka Gill (Co-Founder of The Good Glamm Group), and Dr. Ritesh Malik (Founder and Trustee of Plaksha University) among others. 

Since its inception, has focused on implementing the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In adherence to its sustainability goals, 5ire has produced 5ireChain, an innovative blockchain technology with the UN SDGs written into its core. is a sustainability-focused Layer 1 blockchain project. Its ecosystem features an exchange, a wallet, an NFT marketplace, and a venture capital fund to help grow other sustainable blockchain projects. In Blockchain, Layer 1 refers to a base network and its underlying infrastructure. Such blockchains can validate transactions without the need for another network. emphasises non-monetary factors such as environmental, social, and governance scores in the 5ireChain ranking protocol. has also partnered with nations across three continents as a significant step in this direction. By signing MOUs, has taken this first step in the public-private partnerships in India, Nigeria, and the United States to bring their technological solutions for sustainability, better governance, and transparent law enforcement.

5ire is a blockchain ecosystem that focuses on the widespread adoption of blockchain technology by integrating sustainability, technology, and innovation to build the 5th industrial revolution (5IR). Founded by blockchain proponents Pratik Gauri, Prateek Dwivedi, and Vilma Mattila in August 2021, the mission of the 5ire ecosystem is to increase the adoption of blockchain for worldwide benefit by embedding a for-benefit paradigm at the heart of the blockchain, highly incentivizing practices that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), facilitating the transition from 4IR to 5IR, and accelerating the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The company’s primary offering is 5ireChain, a first-layer, sustainability-driven 5th-generation blockchain that ensures adherence to the philosophy of 5IR, creating a net positive impact on the planet and serving humanity.

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