Bhubaneswar-based startup HealthLappy helps people to get Precise Treatment for the health-issues

It analyzes patients’ health conditions and refers them to a high success rated Doctor or Hospital for a particular treatment. It collects patients’ data about health conditions and analyzes with the Specialist Doctors on the panel; according to the result of the analysis, refers patients to a Doctor or Hospital that has a high success rate in treating the particular health issue of the patient. This process saves a lot of time and money for the patient, ultimately saving valuable lives.

Now the whole process is manual, but the parent company Lappy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has started working on the AI-Technology to make automation of the whole process of patient data analysis and reference to the right place of treatment.

In the next few months, the mobile app is coming in both Android and IOS.

Currently, the company is operating HealthLappy in Odisha and planning to expand pan-India by the next year beginning.

Dr.Smrutiranjan Mohapatra, Co-founder of the Company is a young Doctor-cum-Entrepreneur has the vision to serve patients with quality and precise treatment. He started the company in the year 2018 the second year of his UG.

“Being a first-generation entrepreneur it is always a challenge to get the proper guidance to run a successful business, started networking and accumulating knowledge about the Healthcare Industry helps a lot. For a non-tech co-founder, it is always a challenge to think about advanced technology implementation in the startup, but somehow it has been managed by the Team members. Now HealthLappy is getting affiliated with Hospitals and Clinics, we are enabling them for advance care with Specialist Doctors and advanced equipments by partnering with big players of the industry, which helps people to get precise treatment”,  he said.

They are an Initial Revenue generating stage, Company has both B2C and B2B business models; premium packages like Family Doctor, Child Care, and Pregnancy Care package can be subscribed to by visiting the website

The company has been recognized by StartUp India and StartUp Odisha, and many private fellowship programs have been recognized. It got grants from StartUp Odisha also.

The parent Company Lappy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is already is the Pharmaceutical business since March 2020, In the next couple of months it will launch its Own Pharmaceutical brands of different molecules. In the future, particular divisions of pharmaceuticals will be added according to market research.

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