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In today’s perpetually expanding business world, the need for a seamless communication has become the topmost priorities for business operators. Emails, phone calls, video conferencing, SMS, instant messaging systems, web chats are contemporary and major digital communication modes used across businesses. These modes are used for both internal and external communication in companies. Internal communication refers to communication between co-workers or collaborators within the company, and external communication happens between clientele, vendors, and business agents.

The need to stay in touch with collaborators on the go has become a medium to run a business smoothly. This is why instant messaging systems are coming afore as expedient solutions for business communication. Instant messaging is a real-time text and a rich-content communication tool among people through a software application.

Why do businesses prefer instant messaging systems? Because they allow the convenience of real-time communication, chat history records, ease of multitasking, and operating anytime from anywhere. They get to connect assuredly with their customers for sales and marketing or customer support and deliver a great customer experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this day and age, customers are on the lookout for businesses that meet their needs where they already are, be it on a website or a mobile phone. This is where PlugToChat steps in as the best-in-class solution for instant messaging for businesses.

PlugToChat offers the opportunity to communicate in real time. It recognizes the market’s need to focus not only on internal communications but also on external communications. The purpose of PlugToChat is to create a chat that serves the demand for fast and reliable integration of real-time communication platforms and is fully functional for all types of use cases. It is a self-hosted Javascript SDK & Chat API solution. Modular, lightweight, easy-to-integrate, interactive, and retainable platform which is secure and scalable.

PlugToChat’s Real-time messaging system is considered to be the most striking feature. Businesses can now offer their customers an opportunity to interact directly with agents than speak to a chatbot that gives pre-recorded responses. PlugToChat promotes ad-lib dialogue between users, co-workers, service providers, and customers. This gives customer engagement that humane touch, which makes the customer feel valued and, in turn, results in positive customer feedback.

PlugToChat offers a wide variety of essential instant messaging features like channels, groups & topics, typing & read indicators, unread message badges, file sharing, location sharing, and so on.

PlugToChat also offers ready-to-use UI modules combining UI elements and SDKs for real-time chat integration on any platform. Highly customizable, enabling users to build features and extensions. It is available for iOS, Android, & Web, and they all work in unison, making cross-platform a cinch. PlugToChat is fully responsive nearly on all mobile phones and computers.

A surprising feature of PlugToChat is that it translates messages in 100+ languages, sent and received within the chat screen. The default language can be changed for all the platform users on the dashboard.

Who wouldn’t want to promote their brand through all visual aids possible? PlugToChat renders one to customize their chat according to the themes and colors of their brand. Fonts, Colors, Message style, Avatar style, etc., can be customized to blend with the particular app and website design.

PlugToChat offers an API that is easily integrated into the existing systems using just a few lines of code, making it easy to migrate from regular chat to real-time in-app chats. Connecting analytics or UI elements is uncomplicated using PlugToChat JavaScript API.

One might be intrigued about how it sends message notifications to users. Push, email, SMS, and desktop notifications are all supported by the PlugToChat notification system. The users can still stay in the loop by replying to email notifications. The PlugToChat system includes a heuristic that ensures that people who miss messages are notified without giving them the impression that they are being spammed. An email or SMS notification does not get sent when someone is actively looking at a chat.

Message Analytics is another feature of PlugToChat, which enables moderators or owners to stay in complete control of the communication by employing moderation tools like the activity view in the dashboard. Moderators can also prevent the use of profanity, and if necessary, they can even freeze bad actors in their chats. Contact information sharing can be intercepted, like email addresses, phone numbers, and website addresses.

So how does PlugToChat, with all of these features, help with the actual proliferation of a business? First and foremost is that with more real-time customer engagement comes customer satisfaction and loyalty. Increases revenue generation by expanding customer base. Higher rate of resolutions because of direct customer engagement. Interactions between collaborators are also streamlined, leading to lesser confusion and increased productivity. All these combined ensure a boost in revenue and eventual growth of the business. Areas of applications are numerous, Healthcare, Marketplace, Education, Virtual Events, social media& Communities, Job and Hiring platforms, BPOs and KPOs, etc.

PlugToChat offers monthly and yearly subscription plans, which can be availed per one’s business needs. Plans can be upgraded and downgraded according to a business requirement. A 15-day full-featured trial can be availed by new users to experience the product in its entirety.

The ascent of PlugToChat as the market leader in the area of instant messaging systems has been remarkable. The mere scalability and reliability, and speed of the system combined with the commitment of the company towards providing dedicated support to the online communication needs of the current market is commendable and is sure to open new avenues for business growth.

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