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Affine Expands its Footprints with a New Branch in Hyderabad

With 200 employees joining the Hyderabad team, the headcount in India will reach 900 by FY22.

Hyderabad, October 27, 2021: Affine, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Engineering solutions consultancy headquartered in Bangalore, opened its new branch in Hyderabad, announcing plans to hire 200 new employees before the end of this financial year and ramp it up to 350 to 400 by the end of the 2022 calendar year.

Affine looks forward to entering the BFSI market over the next six months. According to NASSCOM, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam are the manufacturing hubs bullish on Industry 4.0.

“Hyderabad is big on Industry 4.0. It has emerged as the go-to destination for all tech companies,” says Manas Agrawal, CEO & Co-founder, Affine. “This city has a lot of potential for growth and development. Our engineers in R&D will work on some of the most innovative products and solutions for customers worldwide, focusing on engineering as a horizontal skill and BFSI and manufacturing as vertical skills.”

Affine’s Industry 4.0 solution offerings include autonomous driving, automated defect detection, quality assurance, and quality control, among others. To elaborate, the scale at which customers make decisions tend to be as large as sending 50 million emails per week for a marketing campaign using algorithms and engines developed by Affine.

Founded in 2011 as an end-to-end analytics service provider, Affine’s descriptive and basic predictive analysis evolved over time into Centers-of-Excellence through aligned competencies and joint partnerships with academic institutions for R&D in advanced statistical and mathematical models, Deep Learning for high-end analytics.

Focusing on enriching AI & Analytics, Deep Technology, Digital, Cloud, and Big Data technologies, Affine continues to create & enable solutions that empower its customers with proactive data-driven decision making.

Affine also recently unveiled DeepCamp, a first-of-its-kind Global Accelerator Program founded by a pure-play analytics company that gives hands-on assistance to startups looking to advance their algorithm, engineering design, and UI/UX.

Selected startups will receive hands-on assistance in refining products & solutions with cloud credits from partners like AWS & Freshworks, along with networking and learning opportunities with industry leaders and co-sell possibilities with Azure.

In addition to a seed investment of $50,000 from Affine, DeepCamp will also provide non-monetary incentives such as office space, IT infrastructure, and cloud credits to help budding tech startups with all parts of the business like Planning, GTM, Finance & Legal, HR, and Marketing.

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