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Annutra’s Founder, Harleen Singh Sahni discusses what Feminism really is in 2022

What is the purpose of ANNUTRA?

To bring about an improvement in people’s lives, Annutra is not only committed to offering high-quality handiwork at feasible costs but also to going beyond to improve each individual’s experience.

Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

Getting into business felt like an epiphany for me. I realised I needed to do more to serve the community. Hence, I left the corporate rat race and created a new business based on the principles of quality, trust, reliability, and total well-being.

In a nutshell, how would you describe your journey?

I believe the proverb “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” applies to me perfectly. Annutra had just recently begun to gain traction when Covid-19 hit us. However, we persisted, and today we are grateful to have a more substantial consumer base than before.

What are your thoughts on making women feel “special” on Women’s Day?

They make every woman feel special on Women’s Day, a lovely gesture. However, we should encourage polite behaviour towards women all year round, not just on Women’s Day. What good is it to treat them like royalty on one day and then mistreat them on others? It feels like forced feminism, and women would appreciate a place free of all forms of sexism.

What does the term “feminism” signify to you?

Feminism is an excellent notion in which women’s equal rights are voiced and fought for—an ideal feminist strives for these rights without jeopardising the rights of other sexes. Feminists frequently give the movement a poor name by degrading the different sexes to prove the worth of women, which weakens the concept of feminism.

What are the most effective approaches to counter societal feminism stereotypes?

Feminism should be seen as part of equality as a concept. By educating the public about the ideal concept of feminism, people will not believe that feminism favours women in any manner. Feminism is poorly regarded. ‘Femi-nazi’ concept has gained traction, giving feminism a bitter rep. Some preconceptions have been propagated by people opposing the concept of equality to diminish the movement. Feminism does not imply that discrimination against the other sexes is acceptable in any form.

What role may males play in attaining gender equality?

I believe that the younger generation is significantly more aware of women’s rights and treatment as equals. Men have begun speaking up against oppressive workplace practices. Today’s generation is a lot more vocal and is aware of the dangers of gender discrimination in today’s society.

How far has gender equality progressed in your life and work?

Men try to take advantage of female employers or simply don’t like receiving orders; thus, workplace equality is still a long way off. As a woman from a middle-class family who worked in the corporate world, I’ve witnessed gender injustice that has been acknowledged and addressed when brought to light.

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