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Beyond Boundaries: Acmo Network, the Pride of Jammu & Kashmir 

Kashmir [India]: Acmo Network Pvt. Ltd., the leading IT company based in North Kashmir, is making waves with its commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. As a comprehensive technology and business partner, Acmo Network offers a spectrum of services designed to propel businesses and individuals toward their goals.

“We are committed to providing best practices, concepts, and tools designed to guide businesses in utilising technology to its fullest potential. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we ensure that our clients are well-positioned to harness the power of innovation for strategic advantage,” said Davood Wani, CEO of Acmo Network. 

Acknowledged by DPIIT/DIPP as a recognised startup, Acmo Network proudly stands as the premier and exclusive company from Jammu & Kashmir featured on the esteemed Startup India platform. The Startup India Showcase, an online discovery platform initiated by the Government of India, carefully selects startups that have demonstrated unparalleled excellence in their respective domains. These showcased startups are distinguished by remarkable innovations that address critical societal challenges. 

Following a rigorous evaluation and comprehensive assessments, a total of 157 startups were handpicked nationwide. There are 50 service startups and 107 product startups in this selection, with Acmo Network securing its place in the category of service startups. This recognition underscores Acmo Network’s commitment to outstanding service and innovative solutions in the fast-paced startup market. 

Known for its adept professionals and innovative strategies, Acmo Network is a reliable provider of high-quality business services. Here are the comprehensive lists of services provided by Acmo Network

Web and Mobile App Services 

Acmo Network excels in web development, enhancing online presence, brand credibility, and user experience. Their custom solutions cater to business needs, with web maintenance for optimal performance. Their proficiency with Flutter speeds up workflows, cutting expenses and shortening time-to-market in mobile app development for iOS and Android. 

Branding and Graphic Services 

Acmo Network values visual communication in branding. Specialising in Logo Design, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, and Banner Design, their creative team ensures distinct and customised identities align with each client’s needs and brand strategy. 

Digital Marketing Services 

Acmo Network leads in Digital Marketing, offering tailored solutions including SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and more. Their data-driven strategies and holistic approach ensure optimal campaign effectiveness. Continuous real-time optimisation and customisation to each client’s unique needs underscore their commitment to a personalised and effective method. 

Custom Development Services 

As a versatile provider of Custom Development Services, Acmo Network tailors solutions to seamlessly integrate with existing processes, optimise efficiency, and address specific business challenges. Along with providing tailored Custom Development Services, the company aligns IT with business objectives, delivers high-quality software, enhances customer interactions, and addresses legacy system challenges while prioritising user-friendly UI/UX for positive experiences. 

Acmo Network’s Standout Achievements: Making an Impact Beyond Business 

Advertising Excellence 

Acmo Network has earned a prestigious position in the Agency of the Year competition 2022 by Ad World Master. An established name in the advertising world, Ad World Master honours and recognises the world’s best advertising agency for their outstanding work. The companies the firm chooses are titled “The Agency of the Year”.

The companies are evaluated on several criteria: creativity, innovation, impact, strategy, and effectiveness. It is judged by a panel of industry experts with a wealth of advertising experience, where companies are rewarded according to big data. An AI algorithm has processed over 160 data points per agency to calculate the Agency Score, representing both digital and human-controlled data – Reviews, SEO, Social, Web performance, Awards, and much more. The score provides an outlook on the company’s potential. There are 12,322 companies in the database of AdWorld Masters; Acmo Network received the Bronze title with a score of 8.6, demonstrating their hard work, dedication, and creativity in delivering exceptional advertising campaigns. 

COVID-19 Response 

Amidst the unusual difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 shutdown, Acmo Network demonstrated its constant commitment to social welfare through a noteworthy COVID-19 response program. The company took proactive steps to support educational institutions during this critical period by offering its cutting-edge School Management System, Acmoschool, free of charge. Acmoschool stands as a state-of-the-art school management system meticulously crafted by Acmo Network. This software is designed to revolutionise the administrative processes of schools, providing a seamless transition to paperless operations. The comprehensive features of Acmoschool empower educational institutions to efficiently and conveniently manage a spectrum of simple and complex functions. In essence, Acmo Network’s provision of Acmoschool during the pandemic demonstrated corporate responsibility and played a pivotal role in aiding schools in their transition to digital administration, which allowed for the continuation of teaching despite the difficulties brought on by the world health crisis. 

Assets of Acmo Network 

Besides providing their clients with the essential services mentioned above, our company has spent adequate time in R&D and developing several products like SaaS software for businesses. These are:


  • A robust School Management System.  
  • It includes feature-rich modules and a user-friendly interface.
  • Streamlines administrative tasks enhances communication, and ensures a seamless learning experience. 


  • Suite with Accounting, Inventory, and HR modules.  
  • Provides a holistic approach to business management.  
  • Benefits include simplified financial management, efficient inventory tracking, and streamlined HR processes.


  • The Human Resource Management (HRM) software.  
  • Simplifies HR tasks.  
  • An essential resource for businesses looking to maximise staff management, guaranteeing effectiveness and well-informed choices through the HR lifecycle.


  • An IoT-based platform to address issues related to skills, livelihood, privacy, mobility, and entertainment of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).  
  • Quadrinorm Unified Control Bridge for wheelchair-bound users.
  • Provides mobile apps and optional hardware for device control, improving quality of life. 

About Acmo Network

Acmo Network is an IT company that specialises in providing cutting-edge IT solutions for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. No matter the size, type, or industry of business, the company will be by your side as your reliable IT partner. The company has all the tools and years of experience to help you conquer your biggest dreams.

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