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Clean Sweep: No Middlemen, No Fees, Unplan Company’s Bold Move to Transform Cleaning Services

Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India], June 18, 2024: Unplan Company, founded by veteran entrepreneur Captain Rohit Paliwal, has officially launched its pioneering zero-commission cleaning services in Mumbai. 

Founded on January 16, 2024, this startup is reshaping the cleaning industry by directly connecting service delivery partners with customers, thereby eliminating the need for intermediaries. 

This innovative model ensures that 100% of customer payments are transferred directly to the service providers and their families, fostering a fairer and more equitable service landscape.

Captain Rohit Paliwal’s journey from a modest upbringing in the Bal Asha Trust orphanage to becoming a leading entrepreneur exemplifies his determination. Beginning his career as a housekeeping boy in 2004, Captain has accumulated over 15 years of extensive experience across various multinational corporations in the facility management sector. 

Traditional models often impose high fees, inflating consumers’ costs and diminishing cleaners’ earnings. By discarding these outdated practices, Unplan Company not only ensures affordability for its customers but also gradually improves the financial conditions of its cleaners.

This transformative approach not only makes professional cleaning services—home cleaning, bathroom, kitchen sofa and carpet cleaning, office cleaning, villa cleaning, pest control, and AC service—more accessible to a broader audience but also ensures a more motivated and content workforce, thus enhancing overall service quality.

Additional services, such as men’s and women’s salons, electricians, and painters, will soon be included in the list. Culminating all the services in one place will help delivery partners and customers.

To achieve this, Unplan Company rigorously vets all personnel, provides comprehensive training and equips them with the necessary tools to excel at their tasks. 

This detailed attention to professional development helps maintain a high standard of service excellence, ensuring that every cleaning assignment is performed with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

Under Captain Rohit Paliwal’s leadership, Unplan Company is dedicated to setting new benchmarks in the cleaning industry by prioritising ethical practices and innovative solutions.

By choosing Unplan, clients not only opt for exceptional service but also support a business model that promotes fairness and respects the dignity of its workers.

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