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Crypto Genius and Founder of Heygold SE, Deutsches Edelmetallhaus and Coinygram LTD identifies “experience” as his unique selling point

Blockchain enthusiast and entrepreneur, Mao Lal, expresses himself as a forerunner in the industry, a feature that extricates him from other players

You might have noticed the rising use of the term “Blockchain” in the news, social media or in fact everywhere!  What is it? Is it the future of business? Relax! To answer all your qualms, we’ll know about Mao Lal, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of Blockchain technology.

More companies and individuals have entered the fray but only a few companies have held their own and survived amid the turbulence that followed the drastic price accretion. One such name is Mao Lal, an experienced Blockchain enthusiast that has continuously advocated for the increasing use of Blockchain and its immense features by as many people as possible. He has been familiar with the Blockchain industry, even before his peers were aware of its profits. This is one of the most important quality that sets Mao Lal apart from the rest; his invaluable experience that no one possesses at his level.

Mao Lal, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Coinygram LTD, a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, continues to set the pace in the Blockchain technology industry with innovative solutions for businesses and individuals. He is one of the most recognized names in the world of digital mining. He realized the importance of expensive metal trading in the financial sector back in the year 2003 when he started his company named Deutsches Edelmetallhaus, a trading platform for precious metals. The Deutsches Edelmetallhaus offers a wide variety of globally recognized and certified gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars to build up a crisis-proof investment portfolio.

As the owner and managing director of the German Precious Metals House and with the publication of specialist literature on the subject of gold, Mao Lal has established himself as a sought-after expert in the field of precious metals. Following the successes achieved by his first baby – Deutsches Edelmetallhaus, Mao Lal went ahead to establish Heygold SE, and Coinygram LTD. With Heygold SE, Mao Lal develops and promotes Blockchain projects and the digitalization of several assets.

Mao and his team aim to help people enjoy the freedom of building up an additional income by leveraging the Blockchain technology. Of course, such individuals should be ready to deal with the technology, the products, and the opportunities and risks behind them, which is where Mao is helping clients to make informed decisions. According to Mao Lal, the successes recorded by his businesses have spurred him to keep going. “It is very simple and is also what will probably drive most people is Success! Those who have achieved their first big success achieved it with their own hands and their own mind, and have gone through all phases of entrepreneurship will know the overwhelming feeling of having made it” said Lal.

After his military career with a focus on operations, project management and leadership, the acquisition of the officer’s certificate (diploma) as well as the qualification as a business economist, Mao Lal laid the foundation for his dreams. With years of entrepreneurship experience, Mao Shad is also a public speaker and motivator. Since he is a prolific influencer, he creates educational content for social media too.  He has more than 187K followers over his Instagram handle and his content is loved by his audience from different parts of the globe.

He organizes several events in which he speaks about his experience in entrepreneurship and on ways to succeed being an entrepreneur. He often states that his goal is to influence the young generation and inspire people to take action which would help them make something out of their life. Mao says, “Your attitude and your willingness to develop yourself is the key to your success! Only you can ensure positive results.”

Lal believes in constant growth, learning, and networking with same-niche experts. He also encourages to keep oneself up-to-date with the modern innovations and market trends that will help him stay unbeaten in the virtual mining industry in the long-run. Back then, he was unaware of the captivating world of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. As years passed by and the concept of Bitcoins started becoming more and more popular, it led him to spend a few hours researching the innovative world of this impressive type of Cryptocurrency. “The more I became involved with the idea behind the innovative construct of the decentralized managed currency, the greater my enthusiasm became, which remains unbroken even today” Mao stated. According to him, it is clear that even if Bitcoin itself disappears at some point in the future, the idea and the concept behind it will remain.

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