Do-gooder influencer from Punjab, Harkirat Kaur Kukreja is an inspiration to many

Harkirat Kaur Kukreja, 32, of Ludhiana, is a well-known and celebrated social media influencer who understands the importance of social entrepreneurship and inspires people to come forward for the betterment of the society and get involved in good deeds. Being a mother, wife, an entrepreneur and a social media figure has not stopped her from being a social worker. Harkirat is a woman who has had a great impact on people and has never taken a step back when it came to doing something for the society.

Harkirat Kaur Kukreja doesn’t take her social media fame for granted. The constant love that she has received from her followers has made her the influential person that she is, and with the selfless and positive aura that she holds, there is no denying that people are so keen to learn more from her. Apart from travel videos and destination suggestions, she uses her social media to spread information about crucial issues and also inspires people to take a step forward and help the needy.

Harkirat believes, “We influencers have the power to bring about real change and make this world a better and safer place. Be it highlighting a lesser known NGO or speaking about crucial aspects of the environment, I personally have decided to dedicate 10% of my social media posts for good causes. It’s the least I can do as a citizen and a social media personality.” Harkirat is truly the kind of influencer whose positive outlook and spirit of contribution attracts new social media followers.

Apart from sharing aspects of her life on social media and posting about good causes, Harkirat Kaur Kukreja does not fail to instil the sense of selflessness and empathy among her own children by frequently visiting old age homes and orphanages with them. She makes it a point that her children understand the importance of contributing to society and always helping the needy. The steps that she takes towards good causes has influenced many moms to educate their children about such causes.

Harkirat Kaur Kukreja regularly helps and motivates women at skill development centres in order to to promote women upliftment and empowerment. Being the all rounder that she is, Harkirat is a part of multiple such good causes which only shows how much she truly cares and the kind of altruistic Sikh supermom that she is.

It does not stop here, for Harkirat Kaur Kukreja has a soft spot in her heart and feels greatly towards Afghan Sikh and Hindu refugees who had to flee their motherland and settle down in India. She interacts with young Afghan Sikh girls and mentors them into acquiring new and innovate skills to earn decent livelihoods. She is a kind-hearted soul who can’t fathom not helping someone who needs it and truly so, she is the kind of influencer the world needs. Off her social media, she is highly active in numerous such areas and as much of a Sikh Supermom that she is, Harkirat has been a superhero to the many she has helped over the years.

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