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‘Dola’ producer Shiva Suri rises to the top, sets example for youth!

New Delhi [India], December 18: Mr. Shiva Suri, 28 is a Businessman based in Uttam Nagar, Delhi. He is an all-rounding achiever and a relentless professional. He has made commendable accomplishments in a short span of time, ranging from music to his contributions to sports, which makes him an ideal figure.

Mr. Shiva Suri possesses vast interests in music, playing out and supporting sports, working out in the gym, to volunteering and donating to NGOs. He has proved himself to be outstanding and the best at whatever he had set his mind to.

Knowing this, it is no surprise that Mr. Shiva Suri have his own record label named Rival Records and he is produced his own music video, ‘Dola’ along with Harry Tandon, Daman Chaudhary and Jasmeet Singh. The video is a project by Nilesh Suri, starring Mehtaz Wasif as the female model and singers Ravish khanna, Star Boy LOC and Muzik Amy. This cool new video under Rival Records has been a hit on every social platform. The video came out on 21 August, 2021 gaining 1 million views in just one day, reaching to 3 million now on the Youtube platform and streamed on Spotify and other music platforms on 15 August, instantly hitting it off.

He is an enthusiastic athletic player himself, he recently engaged himself in a Telangana Cricket test, supported and encouraged the players to perform their best and also rewarded the best player on the pitch. He has robust essential ideals on never restricting himself and tirelessly exploring one’s boundaries, which he has followed in his lifestyle and played his hand in every field of interest with successful results. He has earned quite a fame for himself.

‘Earning fame is nothing whilst you do not admire the people”, says Shiva refining the respectful reviews of equality and respect for all. Earning fame and wealth did in no way peaked his ego or made him envious of himself, maintaining him down-to-earth. Shiva also Sponsors ‘Nacho Fernandez’, the Spanish footballer who plays as a defender for ‘Real Madrid’, and once again making his mark every opportunity he gets.

He gained more reputation and respect from the society through his acts of selfless volunteerism during the COVID-19 outbreak. Suri raised and donated funds to various NGOs, provided social assistance and self-help, reached out to people in need, and so fulfilled his role as a good public figure.

He has a lust for life and, as we say, “joie de vivre” in French. Shiva believes in “YOLO” and has been living his way of life and work as such. Throughout his life, he has now aimed to inspire, share his wisdom and bring about changes in people’s lives and to support those who are unfortunate. He stands on the belief of never stopping and moving forward in his life with zesty enthusiasm and stern spirit, making him a down-to-earth successful entrepreneur.

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