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Energy and tech savvy home automated systems of Smart Gharr operating in Mumbai Malad SV road creates cost friendly, aesthetic and smart systems available at hand

We are a progeny, a species living and surviving exceedingly in the 21st century, which is in its most technologically advancing era and has been as ever engaging as it makes living so much easier for the luxury it provides. Technological advancement leads to an ever-increasing increase in the public economy, making it easier to function as well as less time consuming, leaving us with spare time to focus on other things at hand. It can be seen as a form of self-gifting, self-loving notion to provide yourself, equip yourself with the wonders of technology that we as humans have created for the intentional betterment of the society and its people. Be it opening the curtains in the morning, adjusting the lights of your room in different little colors or regulating your door locks, these systems bring us a relief to sit back and let the technology work its way, giving us time for ourselves.

In such conditions where one’s online presence and the technological advancements are ever increasing, smart gharr brings India’s first home automation system to the markets of Malad in Mumbai. It is a made in India, Home automation products and solutions distribution company for the best in-house development and also posting, bringing, and selling home appliances which are not just our regular ones we see but premium quality automation systems which brings you luxury in a tech-savvy fostering way.

Nikhil Shah and Chirag Takkar, the Co-founders of the company sought out this idea of a company which is now working for more than five years, covering 5 states and having completed 525+ projects whilst also earning great revenue. Smart gharr’s facebook platform itself has around 2.2K likes and 2.3K followers of a supporting and genuine community.

With an home automation system, one can monitor and control everything home automated systems they own in a click and these systems not only provide us with an instrument of problem solves but also with such aesthetic designs, a home looks neat, modern architecturally complimenting the attires, all-in-all making it beautiful.

Their products are a mix of aesthetics and technology packed with the flow and plain-sailing systems that they present including touch switches, Wi-Fi switches, mobile apps, remote control, and voice control systems and solutions like lighting automation, curtain control, door lock controls, TV and AC sound system control that can be connected to your devices with an easy compatibility makes it an exclusively the best choice to optimise in our smart homes. They also work with brands such as Digilux, YALE, SOLITY, NOVA and EPIC provide the best device for their clients.

Their best sellers in the popular categories of smart locks, smart switch, door bell, curtain monitor, and cabinet digital locks recently include BLE Wi-Fi Hub, BLE Wi-Fi Alarm Kit, Smart switch PIR Detector, 15A-Switch, and 2 Way Switches at such affordable prices.

And not only that but Smart gharr’s automation systems are created and run such that not only does it make our life easier but also helps save energy via its whole home light controls. Therefore, for a better future, and more importantly a better and technologically modern advanced one with smart gharr’s automation systems we get smart technologies in our palms that are also good for the planet.


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