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Entrepreneur and Singer Kayzar aka KZR is giving hard competition to the best Musicians in the business! But wait, His Marketing Skills is What Makes Him Special!

It’s 2022- technology and marketing worlds are evolving at a rapid pace, and as a result, the music landscape is constantly changing and in flux. For independent artists, who are busy grinding away on their music, it’s easy to lose track of other important things such as setting up distribution, booking tours, setting up your website, and of course, effective marketing and promotions. How do you manage all this? How is it possible to boost popularity and gain followers? Relax! To answer all these qualms, we will learn about Kayzar aka KZR, the rising music sensation who has taken his popularity to new heights through his ace digital marketing skills, brand strategies and influencing. Yes, He’s a sought after influencer too!

Entrepreneur Kayzar, a rising desi pop artist from East London, has now carved out a unique identity for himself as a developing musician and singer who understands how to strike the right chords with the right people. He has unapologetically placed himself in this category. Moreover, why is he so popular? The reason has to be his marketing skills. Kayzar has a unique way of portraying his image online. It’s simple. He’s a master content creator on Social Media. His brand voicing abilities make him stand out from the rest of the crowd. While chasing our ever wanted goals at least once in a while we reflect on the possibilities of “what could have been” if we had chosen our dreams over the traditional choices that we all chose. Entrepreneur Kayzar was also one such day dreamer but what made him an icon was the choice that he took.

KZR (Kayzar)’s earlier influences were artists like Apache Indian, So Solid Crew, Ragav and Jay Sean. KZR says his inspiration behind pursuing a career in music was when he watched his friends making music from back of their shed to mainstream. He grew up with these artists who were making a pathway for future Asian artists. He believes his sound is best described as “Afrobeat infused style with South Asian twist”. This crossover sound includes Afrobeat, Bollywood, French, Arabic mix influenced music, mainly focusing on Desi Pop fusion with mainly English, Punjabi & Bengali lyrics.

In a recent interview with a radio channel Kayzar was asked about his inspiration. This is what he says, “Growing up, I always loved music growing. Interestingly, however, I only realized that I could sing and rap at the age of 14 – quite the contrary to the people who begin at age 4-5! I think this was primarily due to a large surge of confidence that I developed around this age, allowing me to not only ‘find my voice’ but to find myself too. I went on to do music for next few year but soon after I left university I went in to full-time working and music took a back seat. Music came back into my life and the forefront when Rah (now my music engineer) asked me to come and chill at his studio. I started to freestyle and was messing around with different beats. Once Rah called me over and saw an upcoming singer in me. There was no turning back ever since!”

Kayzar faced whatever challenges he had to with courage and has now made a huge name for himself. Being a skilled digital marketer, he provides business strategies for different organizations and budding artists and helps boost their popularity to a large extent. Presently, he is one of the few musician cum influencers who is slowly and steadily making it big in the field of entrepreneurship.

Due to his unique activities on social media, he has garnered a huge fan following and has over 20K followers on his Instagram profile. Content Creators and influencers like him are attracting extremely large audiences, which enables top influencer marketers like him to enjoy a high degree of trust with leading brands with whom he has joined forces with. Although Kayzar is a singer and producer, he has been influencing the masses through his social media activity in the form of pep talks, motivational speeches, marketing skills and tips and so on.

Kayzar believes that every day brings with itself a new opportunity and all you need is to grab that opportunity and work on it till you achieve your dream. If you slog or act lazy the opportunity will be taken by the person who is more passionate than you. It is us who get to decide if we wish to be in the top chasing our dreams or be at the bottom just dreaming about them.

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