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FIINANCED, an emerging Indian start-up, with their goal to bring financial literacy among all youngsters, is set to launch their FIINANCED+ Indicator X1 with a high win-rate and risk-reward ratio that will help all Bank Nifty, Nifty and US30 traders earn consistent returns, almost daily

Started 2 months ago, FIINANCED is already living up to their promises. They have already registered over 100 future traders and successfully paved their trading foundation through their first ever 2-2-2 Trading Webinar. This 2 day webinar was a success as students were stunned on how simple Arghadeep and FIINANCED had made, learning trading.  And now FIINANCED is coming hot with their much awaited series of FIINANCED+ Indicators and strategies. They are planning to launch their Indicator X1 in the month of November. This new product is the brainchild of Subhajit and Arghadeep, which has been crafted with over hundreds of hours of backtesting and mathematic calculations and coding.  X1 uses proprietary logistic mapping which is completely math based, and predicts the current market trend as accurately as possible. The index line hovers over the logistic median line telling the traders the strength of the trending market. The Indicator X1a shows the strength of the market after every 15 minutes interval, by studying the data from the candlesticks and fixed range volume profile thereby making price action trading much more effective. Indicator X1 along with dedicated BankNifty, Nifty50 and US30 settings promises day traders a whopping 70-80%+ win-rate, combined with an excellent 1:1.5+ risk-reward ratio. 

It’s amazing right? The best part is that they’re not even joking. With the backtesting data they have proven their new product actually lives up to its promises. If you are a Trader, click on the link below to checkout the backtesting results for yourself:

And if you are interested to earn consistently from the markets, trading Indices you can get Indicator X1 and X1a directly into your TradingView account for free starting this November.

FIINANCED is founded by two friends Arghadeep Lodh and Subhajit Roy who found their passion for trading the financial markets. Since their school time, they were in love with maths and business; and shared a similar vision, to one day create a startup that will contribute something of value to this world to make it a better place.

Subhajit – “The only thing I regret in life is not is not learning to trade while I was in class 9 or 10!“

Arghadeep – “With my limited option buying experience, I can say that the biggest problem for us option buyers with a limited capital is consistency in winning on a frequent basis, as a day trader trading BankNifty and Nifty.

Now with our X1 Indicator we are hoping to solve this problem for a lot of traders out there.”

FIINANCED also started their official YouTube and Instagram channel where they deliver content, rich in quality and information, about trading and finance to promote financial literacy amidst everyone.

Arghadeep – “We are no gurus or pundits in the financial markets. A lot of people are much much more educated and experienced than us and we are learning new things and improving ourselves and FIINANCED everyday. And with our YouTube channel we are trying to promote whatever knowledge we have to all those who are looking forward to start their stock market journey so that they can create a consistent source of income, in this tough and competitive world.”

FIINANCED looks like a promising startup in this new India with a solid core and vision with their promising financial services, and surely is on their way to make the financial markets a much friendlier place for a lot of people out there. Even though the competition in this stock market training industry is increasing, FIINANCED is unique as their main service is their FIINANCED+ Indicators and strategies along with FIINANCED+ Assistance.  It has only been 2 months and FIINANCED has a long long way to go. Our best wishes are with Arghadeep and Subhajit so that they can fulfil their vision to promote financial literacy to as many people as they can in this advanced and competitive world through FIINANCED.

Traders, get your Indicator X1 now for free and start earning consistent returns from the markets :

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