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Getting Candid with Ex-Investment Banker and Lifestyle Influencer in Bangalore – Deena Pinto (skinnygirldiariez)

Bangalore, Karnataka : Deena Pinto went from a cushioned job as an investment banker to become one of the leading Lifestyle Influencers in Bangalore. She is a socialite, stylist, fashionista, and lifestyle content creator. She is quite an inspiration to many women who aspire to be fit and youthful like her.

Raised in Dubai, with roots from Mangalore, Deena now calls Bangalore her home. Her journey began in 2012 when she started hosting Sunday Brunches in the city. This gave Deena access to socialize and build her network around professionals that relocated to Bangalore. With requests pouring in about, where to dine, shop, party or travel. She risked it all to turn this opportunity into a full-time career as a content creator. She runs her 5-year-old blog and social media channels under the name Skinnygirldiariez.

Her content revolves around leading lifestyle brands in Fashion, Beauty, F&B, Home, Travel, Automobiles including Gadgets, and Event Coverages. She dabs her hand as a freelance Corporate Grooming and Etiquette Trainer and an Influencer for a leading E-commerce platform. She has a fabulous dressing sense and her Instagram is as colorful and appealing as her personality.

What’s in the name?

“To reiterate, and in no way disrespect, anyone. My nickname was “skinny” growing up. Having, been a certain weight/size all my life I figured I’d use this negative body shaming to my advantage and turn it into a positive one. I wanted to remind myself that body-shaming doesn’t define who I am, or who I want to become. To be honest, Skinnygirldiariez does have a fancy ring to it, as a blog name. It seemed apt,as I shared my story and my lifestyle experience online.”

How would you describe yourself!

“I’m witty, fierce, street smart, and a quick learner. I am my own boss and love doing things my way. I’ve redefined the rules about being single and living solo as a woman in India. I am confident and proud of who I am. I have my head on my shoulders and it helps me stay focused and positive throughout. Self-confidence with a never say never attitude is my motto.”

How are you so positive and fit?

“I had to battle some personal health issues, and lost my parents fairly early on, which made me stronger. It was a paradigm shift and took an ‘attitude of gratitude’ approach to life. I learned to let go of negativity and come to terms with what’s meant to be will be. I shifted focus on positive things, my fitness and health are my priority. I ensure I eat right (home-cooked, I’m a fab cook btw), basic exercise, and make sure to lead a balanced lifestyle.”

What sets you apart from the other bloggers?

“With my personal style and an exceptional eye for detail, I bring flair and individuality. Being consistent and grounded and churning out quality content with storytelling has been my USP. I do my homework around designers, brands, and trends. I’m realistic with my reviews. I bring a unique perspective as I cater to my followers from all age/income groups.”

What advice would you give to budding bloggers?

“Passion, self-worth, and patience are key ingredients. As an influencer, one wears many hats, that of a producer, director, writer, editor, videographer, stylist, makeup artist, the works! Focus on your strengths, be genuine, understand what niche you wish to pursue. Study your favorite bloggers, don’t copy them, however, inculcate your unique element. Avoid having a competitive/comparing attitude towards other bloggers. It will take the quality of your content below par and before you know it, burn you out. Stay connected with your followers, reply to the DM’s and respond to each comment. Keep a tab on the ever-changing digital world and stay in the now.”

You can check out Deena Pinto’s Instagram here – skinnygirldiariez

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