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Hiring Platform Swaayam India’s first Video Led hiring to Simplify the hiring experience

Swaayam, a cutting-edge hiring platform founded in 2021, is set to transform the hiring landscape through its innovative video and AI technologies. With a mission to simplify the hiring process, Swaayam introduces an innovative suite of services, empowering both employers and job seekers alike. It makes Talent discovery simple yet powerful.

Swaayam’s unique video-based hiring solutions have become the go-to choice for blue and grey-collar job seekers and College grads in the corporate sector. Employers can now effortlessly post Video job listings or Job Shorts and leverage the power of video such as video resumes and One-way video Interviews to facilitate a seamless and engaging hiring experience.

Key Features:

Job Shorts: Employers can communicate job requirements effectively and attract top talent with compelling video job descriptions. It allows employers to communicate their Employer Brand and Engage with Job seekers in a significant way.

Talent Reels: Candidates can showcase their skills and personalities through dynamic video resumes, adding a personal touch to their applications.

Location-Based Targeting – Swaayam’s tech allows employers to reach out to talent from Tier 2, tier 3 and remote towns as Swaayam distributes its content on different Short Video Format Platforms.

Founded by Sudev Das an HR professional with more than 2 decades of experience. Swaayam represents a belief in inclusivity, continuous learning, and empowerment. We believe that everyone, regardless of their location, language, or background, should have access to equal employment opportunities and resources for professional growth.

The Swaayam’s founder and CEO said “We believe Video-led hiring in the segment that we are targeting will enable Organisations to discover diverse talent with skills and experience. It is a powerful tool for organisations to communicate their employer brand and engage. We believe Gen Z and beyond will use video as one of the major mediums to engage with organisations, Opportunities & Learning”.

Swaayam’s growth

Swaayam has quickly grown to 400,000+ Users in the last 6 months. Swaayam is rapidly gaining popularity among job seekers and employers, demonstrating its impact on the recruitment ecosystem led by Video as an advantage.

Strategic Partnerships: Swaayam collaborates with leading platforms to expand its Job distribution network. Besides Swaayams alternative SVF channels like – Josh, Chingari, Youtube shorts, FaceBook, ShareChat etc. have enabled its fast growth.

Swaayam works with more than 2500+ Organizations across India to support their hiring needs.

As a company, Swaayam is committed to creating a social impact and enabling Livelihoods. To support job seekers’ growth, Swaayam integrates a micro-learning model that empowers candidates to acquire and enhance relevant skills, bolstering their employability.

Swaayam operates on a subscription-based revenue model, ensuring a sustainable and value-driven approach.

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