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Hostizzy and Hostsphere India: Disrupting the Vacation Rental Industry with Cutting-Edge Solutions for Airbnb Hosts

HostSphere India Rebrands as Hostizzy, Revolutionizing the Home Sharing Experience for Airbnb Hosts.

HostSphere India, a vacation rental management company based in India founded by ex-Airbnbs Ethan Barman and Ashutosh Karn, is revolutionizing the home-sharing experience for Airbnb hosts. The company, started in 2019, provides a 360-degree support system that is both effective and efficient, making home sharing as easy and enjoyable as possible. With a focus on technology-driven solutions, HostSphere India has become the go-to choice for hosts looking to optimize their listings and guest experiences.

Since its launch in 2019, Hostsphere India has achieved impressive milestones, becoming profitable just six months after its inception and expanding into new markets. In 2022, Hostsphere India recorded a key revenue milestone, generating over INR 40 million+ in revenue for associated properties and hosting 6000 guests with an 80% 5-star rating. To date, Hostsphere India has hosted over 2500 families, comprising of 20000+ guests, generating over INR 60 millions+ in revenue for over 50 satisfied Airbnb hosts.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including property management, customer support, marketing and advertising, and more. With its data-driven approach and dedicated local teams, Hostsphere India is confident that even the busiest of Airbnb hosts can achieve above-market performance.

In addition to its high-quality support, Hostsphere India is committed to building a future where travel is accessible and all homes are welcoming. The company promotes understanding, connection, and possibility through its services, encouraging guests to share their experiences and connect with one another through its platform. Company recently have rebranded its vacation rental business as Hostizzy to be more focussed towards providing high-quality support.

“At Hostsphere India, we believe in creating a community that values connection over distance and possibility over limits,” said the company’s founders. “Our goal is to provide high-quality, technology-driven solutions for our partners, and make home sharing as easy and enjoyable as possible.”

For Airbnb hosts seeking assistance or interested in learning more about Hostizzy’s services, the company invites them to reach out or visit the Hostsphere India’s website and social media handles. With its innovative solutions and focus on technology, Hostizzy is poised to play a leading role in shaping the future of the vacation rental industry.

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