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How a Calcutta University trained guy beat Harvard trained economist

Economic forecasting is far from a perfect science. If recent history’s any guide, the Harvard experts have some explaining to do about what they told us had to happen but never did. Harvard trained economist cannot forecast the Market.

Then why we are keeping an eye on those when we have someone who has vast knowledge of the Market.

Mr. Sudipta Das a Well-known “student of Time cycle, Gann & Vedic Astronomy”. Through his 15 years of Research & Technique he is helping thousands of investors and stock brokers with his Calculative forecast.

“SD” is a Civil engineer, Management Graduate & masters in communications. He is a 3 times business plan finalist, from international university on “cost optimization”. And worked with almost all the countries that India do business with, Viz, USA, UK, AU, EU and Africa.

His highly sophisticated mathematical calculation based on the notion, Time is the only element that determine price of any financial instrument, Viz; economy, Stocks, Index, Gold Silver, or Copper. His calculations, The TRILOGY- combines, Time cycle, Gann & Vedic Astronomy, serving many investor, Traders & Financial planners, the Trilogy, is not available worldwide, is capable of forecasting price of any financial instrument rather economy in much prior to the actual happenings. 

“SDs” recent forecast about 2022 budget expectation and stock market movement till end of December 2022 is already a discussion-able topic in Dalal Street. He forecasted 2022 budget in December 2021 only, furthermore, the bottom of the year to be created in 1st week of march 2022 was already been forecasted in December 2021 and reiterated on January 2022, at the same time he also predicted 2022 as bull year and buyer shall rule over seller, when bottom ofthe year created on March shall be intact rest of the tenure. He accurately identified the trend change of June 2022, His entry of Tata Steel on 22nd June, UPL on 23rd June at 630,  Tata Chemical on 27th June at 809 and Airtel on 13th July at 650  have already identified as floating in the wonderland.

Harvard trained economist, or Ivy League trained financial expert or the biggest asset management firm on the earth does not know when market going to fall or rise as the global stocks looks oversold and analysts are expecting a rebound. Goldman Sachs analysts reveal some of the most “attractive” stocks as recession fears mount but nothing concrete, all predictions having no clue, or working in favor of the institutional investors to get benefited.

Sudipta Das, “SD” regularly posts his Trading Forecasts on his social media handles Like Facebook, Youtube, Tweets and LinkedIn. He specifically pledges ancient Indian knowledge and mathematics, derived from Veda, Surya Siddhant or Martand, “SD” practices and believes any investment account can be doubled or accumulated assets more than 100% in less than 90 days’ time, if the mathematical compositions can be executed in right way.

Few of his clients started investing in stock market with penny investment in his guidance and today they are Making in millions following this unique idea of Trilogy. “SD”, is serving Globally and his service is open for all across the world. Today he has Numbers of Happy clients and these numbers are increasing Day by Day. “SD” says he has studied hard on the Trilogy – Time cycle, Gann, & Astronomy, of Investment and applied along time on his own. Slowly People Started knowing about his unique Theory and joined him and get benefited with his ideas. Some of his economic and stock forecasts are so accurate and its results are really wonders that it’s make you think, off course this is not any magic, it’s a scientific calculation, A combined Theory of W.D GANN which was invented years Back, along with Time series analysis and Astronomical units.

There is nothing new under the Sun, everything is just a repetition of past, that the market follows a natural cycle. “SD” believes, W. D. Gann and all his calculation are derived from our ancient Indian literature and mathematical calculations, Gann theory is based upon natural geometric shapes, triangle, circle, hexagon, and pentagon. But, using Gann theory single handedly gives you a success ratio not more than 10/20%, same goes with Time cycle analysis or astronomy, but, using combination of three, the TRILOGY, Time series analysis, Gann & ancient Indian mathematics and astronomy do wonder in forecasting the market, economy or price of any financial instrument, viz, stocks bond or commodity.  

The Trilogy, if correctly applied, and executed can predict an asset’s movement up to at least 90% accuracy.

“SD” says, Few of you use Gann technical analysis, Few of you use or leaned on to Astrology, as Gann important dates. But how many of you know, the price on its own angle or the position of the stars does not work in forecasting unless you use square of 9, a 4th dimensional number on Time, with corresponding price supported by its degree-cal aspect on the summation theory, that is presently known as Fibonacci no on price and time based on the break out of 21.6% on 30 minutes.

This highly sophisticated mathematical calculation helps you to analyze the market and predict future stock price movements much prior to its actual happenings. As a result, you can achieve a ROI of 30 to 100% in less than 90 days’ time base on the available cycle in your friendly stock.  But still it is crucial to always back test your strategy and put a stop loss in every trade.

The question what we need to ask ourselves, for that do we really need to be educated from Harvard? Or any ivy league university? Who teaches us TIME and Its uses in the financial industry or on my favorite stock?

The answer always lies in our Ancient Indian Literature. Then why Harvard or Ivy League or top-notch asset management firm as you know…….

“SD” has worked in very Depth on this Theory and its execution. And implementing it with confidence on stocks bond commodity or crypto as you know. Till Now his every client who has followed the Trilogy Calculations making unbelievable Profits.

You can also get in touch with Mr. Sudipta Das on Social platforms links as given below:

twitter@dassudipta9 or can mail at [email protected]

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