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In order to safeguard drivers and users in Delhi NCR against exploitation, APNI CABS was established. A pension plan for drivers was also made public

Apni Cabs organised their launch event for cabs operations in Delhi at NM center. The event was attended by APNI CABS Managing Director Mr. Aman Garg, Marketing Director Mr. Ankush Kalyan, Finance Director Ms. Roma Negi, National Operational Head Mr. Abhishek Negi & 300 drivers along with Mr. Tejinder Singh.

Mr. Ankush Kalyan mentioned on this occasion that no commission would be taken from the drivers, just Rs. 6 per ride platform fee will be paid for the intracity journey and Rs. 30 per ride platform fee will be charged for the outstation travel, and this will be the case for the next ten years. Each driver will also sign a formal agreement for the same. At the moment, the corporation is also providing an additional incentive of 30% for every ride to the driver for marketing. It is also giving 50% discount on every ride for the users. No surcharge will also have to be paid in this. Users can also decide their own fare.

It was further publicized by outlining the drivers’ pension scheme. And several plans for his future were disclosed. This thrilled every driver to no end. We applaud all the firm officers, according to the drivers. We required this business. We won’t even have to quit our jobs as taxi drivers anymore.

  1. Platform cost of Rs.6 per ride for intracity journeys and Rs.30 for outstation rides.
  2. No commission and a 30% bonus incentive
  3. There is no user surcharge and a 50% additional discount.
  4. Drivers Pension Plan Announcement

Apni Cabs was founded five years ago in 2017 in Chandigarh by three engineers. Today, the company operates in Chandigarh, Jaipur, and the Delhi NCR. The startup will also be launched in Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore by November, with no commission paid and rides taken only on a platform cost of Rs.6. The company’s M.D. further stated that it will offer a 50% discount on engine oil, servicing, tires, insurance, and other items used in cab utility grid. The corporation has a nationwide partnership with a government company, such as HPCL. Apni Cabs registration offices have also been established at HPCL pumps. The corporation will also provide gasoline savings. Along with this, the corporation has offered the driver’s companions the ability to choose their fare up to a certain limit. The user can also set his own fare up to a certain limit and choose her/his cab. Ankush Kalyan, the business’s Marketing Director, stated that the company will be introduced throughout India by December 2023. The company’s finance director stated that it is a 100 percent Indian business and that no outside capital has been invested there. The platform fee of Rs. 6 each trip, which is levied, is enough to cover the company’s costs.

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