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India’s first Longivity clinic C4 lifestyle & diagnostic with complete integrated wellness approach

C4 lifestyle & diagnostics is establish in 2018. C4 lifestyle & diagnostics is recognized internationally and her aim is to get our whole global community healthy and fit generation before there is any need for surgery or pain ailments, C4 lifestyle & diagnostics, believes in total mind, body and soul as a unit and works 360 degrees for complete health management. C4 lifestyle & diagnostics hosts the latest state of the art technology and has an astonishing variety of products. The co-founder and managing director of C4 lifestyle & diagnostic, which focuses on total well-being and assists them at every stage of life.

Some of her notable achievements: Covid officer for Vivo – IPL 2021, Advisor to the American, Portuguese, and Spanish soccer academies, Awarded the title of ‘Innovative Research’ in France for her research regarding “Global Warming & Lifestyle Expertise and many many more. In the wise words of Dr. Shilpa: Take care of your body, this is the only place where you exist. We thank her for being a true gem in the Indian wellness industry and longevity.

C4 lifestyle is designed by Nishtha Goti with a vision of client-centric services in wellness to experience healthy and hygienic clinical services. She is a Partner in Saukhya Clinic: Sarve Bhavan Sukhin, a preventive healthcare wellness clinic. The clinic has been designed by Nishtha to spread affordable wellness across India with a global vision and mission.

Our mission is to reach out to 1 billion youth to begin the cycle of transformation towards productive and active participation in the growth of humanity by the year.

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