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It is only the people that can make brands, says Kapil Vaishnani – the founder of Litmus Branding

In 2001, Litmus Branding, a design, advertising, and marketing agency, was established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Litmus has worked with more than 700 clients globally in almost every industry, including tourism and travel, health and medical, food and beverages, and others. Every design created by the marketing and advertising specialists showcases the creativity of the brands they work with and helps them realize their full potential.

About the Founder

“No one can build a brand. Neither us nor you. Only people can.” says Kapil Vaishnani, the founder of Litmus Branding. He contends that customers are the ones who create brands and that all businesses, no matter how big or small, must enter the digital world to grow. Kapil Vaishnani is a tennis enthusiast and an admirer of art. With 21 years of experience in advertising and marketing, he is a professional who always tries to do every bit he can for his clients. Kapil and his team create each design with such care that it certainly gives a brand an identity that reflects everything it stands for.

Vision & Mission

Litmus Branding is a renowned branding agency, dedicated to helping every business reach its full potential. Its founder, Kapil Vaishnani, envisions it to be the global branding company most admired for creativity and effectiveness. Furthermore, the brand’s primary mission is to work hard, everyday, to help brands reach their full potential. Even in the face of numerous setbacks, Litmus Branding continues to believe that the brand’s foundation is purely built on the ideas of commitment and hard work.

Products, services and USP

Litmus Branding, a leading brand in the marketing and advertising field, is a company that specializes in offering a wide range of services. Litmus Branding takes a 360-degree approach for every client, guiding them till they reach their full potential in everything from social media to web development, branding to the narrative, and packaging to strategy formulation. The team of experienced professionals at Litmus Branding aims to give their 100% to every account they take up. They begin by thoroughly understanding every firm before moving on to creating strategies for it that don’t stray from the original idea or essence of the brand. 

What gives a brand its distinctive commercial identity is its idea or core. Litmus employs tactics that never compromise the basic ideas of the brand while giving it a new look or perspective. With its creative approach to every project, Litmus Branding creates specific and original solutions for each customer, resulting in a lengthy list of loyal clients that rely on the company’s 21 years of experience. Digital presence is crucial, and Litmus Branding seems to be adept at determining your needs and acting as your brand’s voice.  

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