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Life Coach Himanshu Gaur shares his journey as an entrepreneur and the 3 Stages to succeed

From being farmer son to the youngest owner of Harley Davidson inspiring journey of Life Coach Himanshu Gaur

Life is all about what you see and what you absorb from your surroundings. Growing up in a middle-class family, I am well aware that all they ever expect out of life is financial security”, says Life Coach Himanshu Gaur. They play it safe and succeed most of the time as success differs from person to person as what they want from life is different.

Himanshu Gaur’s family wanted him to take a route that is well known and acquired by many people. They prepared him to pursue my studies and achieve good grades, which will later help him secure a government job. That is something almost everyone wants: a straightforward way to achieve financial security. A government job will do that.

Here’s what Himanshu Gaur shares about his entrepreneur Journey.

I questioned them back regarding their choices when it comes to their family. What kind of service sector will they choose? Where do you want to be hospitalised, a private hospital or one that is run by our government? A public sector bank or a private one with major technology? A global school that is well kept by a private firm or a government school? The answers are pretty obvious, isn’t it? Please do not get me wrong! I don’t hold anything against government services as such, plenty of vulnerable people are highly gaining out of these services run by our government, and I respect it. But as a developing society, we need more job creators than job seekers. Job hunting is way more achievable than starting something on your own. 

“Once you make up your mind to choose your path or a path that is different from the rest, you have to hustle your way through three stages to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey”, Life Coach Himanshu Gaur.

Stage One: 

When you choose something that society doesn’t want you to or something that they don’t accept as a viable career option, then you will instantly arrive at stage one of your entrepreneurial journey. 

OBJECTIONS! They object to anything and everything that you do, feel or say! They will object to your decisions: they will doubt your actions. 

Stage Two: 

If you persistently stick to your goal. If you can ignore the opinions and stopped listening to them, let me welcome you to the second stage. 

REJECTIONS! They will start rejecting you, and some will also laugh at you and your dreams.

Final Stage: 

This stage is more about you than those who are around you or the so-called society. This is the stage where you will stop listening to others and start listening to yourself. When moving forward towards your goals, you will find a minor change with those around you. If you succeed, then you will land upon the third stage. 

ACCEPTANCE!  They will finally start supporting you and accept that something different can be achieved successfully. 

Remember that everything will seem impossible until it is done! Visiting the moon was a fantasy until Neil Armstrong finally did it in 1969. 

An entrepreneur’s journey is more about self-belief than anything else. If you start believing in yourself, then the world will start believing in what you do! You are the one who should patiently wait till you succeed. 

Entrepreneurs are the ones who have a vision in their eyes & fire in their belly. 

Repeat to yourself,

“Success is a journey, not a destination” Don’t wait to celebrate once you reach your goal, celebrate the journey”, says Life Coach Himanshu Gaur.

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