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Lights Out, Glows On: Mi Glow Store Elevates Home Aesthetics with Innovative Products

In the Spring of 2022, a trio of college friends blended their engineering expertise with a flair for fashion and gave birth to Mi Glow Store under the banner of MEMS Innovations Pvt. Ltd., innovation and simplicity united to showcase India’s first-ever glow-in-dark brand. Their vision was simple yet captivating: infusing glow-in-the-dark technology’s magic into everyday products, creating a unique concept that makes mundane objects extraordinary.

Mi Glow Store designs unique creations, ranging from mesmerizing glow posters to captivating phone covers, adding a touch of mystery and wonder to any space.

The Brand Story

What began as a humble passion project, selling a handful of glow-in-the-dark items on social media, has transformed into an e-commerce phenomenon. Mi Glow Store has transitioned from a trio’s dream to a dynamic team of over ten individuals, marking a remarkable journey from Spring 2022 to the present.

Glowing Offer

Some of the radiant products that the brand has on offer are:

  • Affordable luxuries: Mi Glow Store’s glow keychains offer over 150 designs, ranging from zodiac signs and superheroes to anime gods, quotes and bike logos, starting from ₹133.
  • Brand-new designs: Buyers don’t have to settle for the ordinary. That’s because varieties of glow-in-the-dark products from this India-born company come in different price ranges.
  • Home decor products: Mi Glow Store’s casual-styled home decor products are a new favourite for consumers who want to decorate their rooms with luminous products.

Growing Customer Base

Mi Glow Store caters to 18 to 34-year-old customers keen to collect funky products that accentuate their uniqueness. With a sharp focus on innovation, creativity, and dissimilarity, their ideal customers seek products that stand out. As a result, the brand’s most significant achievement is its over 100,000 satisfied individuals. Furthermore, the company’s success lies not only in the captivating visual effects its products offer but also in the seamless, fast, and safe delivery they ensure.

Showcasing New Products

In recent news, Mi Glow Store unveiled an exciting collection of Glow Phone Skins and Covers, priced between Rs 399 and Rs 599. MEMS Innovations’ offshoot company also offers unavoidable combo offers, allowing customers to acquire more than two products at affordable prices.

Mi Glow Store’s journey is the culmination of passion and technology. The creators have proved how combining simplicity and innovation can take social media by storm. This unique brand continues to light up the nights and lives of people.

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