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Litmus Branding Celebrates Two Decades of Success

Introducing Litmus Branding

Litmus Branding, a leading branding and advertising agency, has marked 21 years in the world of branding this year. Kapil V., the founder of this Gujarat-based agency, showed immense pleasure working through these years, facing all ups and downs and growing along the way. Although Kapil had already chosen the brand’s name and designed the logo in 1998, it wasn’t established until 2001. After overcoming several challenges and witnessing a decade of quickly changing markets, he eventually succeeded in building a sizable company fuelled by creativity and effectiveness. Litmus has a team of committed and diligent people who have helped it get to where it is today and is acknowledged by numerous businesses worldwide.

Kapil’s journey as the founder

Kapil’s vision to create something meaningful led to a journey that has been going on for 21 years, with many more to go. He has been very enthusiastic about his business and despite many challenges, he truly believes in the spirit of going on & on.

He finds his delight in creating identities for brands with unique concepts that help realise their full potential. With more than 21 years of knowledge, experience and expertise in branding & designing, he has been delivering his best to his clients. He is a passionate tennis player and a skilled fine artist who can paint magic with brush strokes.

Pillars of the brand

Kapil V. has the vision to make Litmus a global branding agency. It strives for high-quality content and concepts that make a product or service stand out from its competitors.

“Without people, where would one reach? Nowhere”, opines Kapil. The team collaboratively offers precise and useful ideas that reap benefits for their clients and help build their confidence. They emphasize on expressing their potential and capabilities transparently, without any exaggeration.

Celebration of successful 21 years

Litmus has experienced a long journey filled with success, setbacks and struggles. The brand experienced several challenges in its initial years, with no backup, hardly any guidance and only a few resources, but Kapil’s tenacity to succeed was unshaken. Then, it picked up steady pace down the line, with this year marking the completion of the brand’s successful 21 years in the industry. Litmus has established itself as legitimate in all facets of team building, expanding it to create 360-degree marketing strategies, leaving clients happy. Litmus currently collaborates with a sizable clientele from various global industries, such as education, agriculture, fashion, food & entertainment, tourism, technology, health & beauty and many more. Throughout its journey, the brand has been marked by its originality and creativity.

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