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“We can do anything if we want, circumstances are never in our hands, but if we want, we can turn conditions in our favor, if you want peace in your life, then you have to change people around you. If you don’t change, you can never be successful.”

Manabendra Das also known as Marketing Manav is just a 22-year-old boy from Kolkata. He is the owner of 4 Business Ventures including a 6 Figure Marketing Agency. Manav had a dream from childhood that even if he did not know anything about business but one thing he knew is that he has to become a successful businessman.  

Manav was a bright student so, like other good students, he also went for higher studies and chose Chartered Accountant as his career, but he wanted to make an impact in the world but he realized that it’s not possible by being just a Chartered accountant. He felt he wanted to touch lives and make himself a brand that people would recognize. 

As he belongs to a middle-class family and faced lots of financial issues he decided to help his family at an early age. At the age of just 18, he decided to support his family. Firstly he was introduced to Digital Marketing and he started learning more about that but he didn’t have money to invest and also he had no experience in marketing, so in order to learn more about marketing, he got into Network Marketing but at that time he didn’t understand that.

Then he decided to learn about it. And slowly he started building his business. But it didn’t work for him. Then he got a job and he started working there but kept learning more about digital marketing, soon he realized that he is not made for the job, and also while working in a digital marketing firm he got enough confidence to now start his own Agency. So to pursue his passion, Manav quit the job started his own agency with 2 of his friends. His Agency has helped many big clients to skyrocket their brand and increase their revenue till date.

Today their average monthly revenue is in 6-figures. But all this is not very easy. He faced many challenges when he started. He got his first client after several months of opening his agency due to the lack of selling skills, Manav did not give up and started learning & working hard towards his aim and he started getting success and Manav broke the records one after the other and today he is having a 6-figure agency and also another 6-figure coaching Business.

He believes that it is very important to step out of our comfort zone to achieve what we want. You have to leave your home and explore and experience the market from there you can understand what you need to do for your dreams. He focuses on learning new skills which will give him an edge over others.

Manav used to say I will never live a normal life I want to achieve something extraordinary in my life and today he is proving what he said a reality. Manav wants to fly very high from where everything looks small. He believes that If the goals are big, the obstacles will also be big. In this early stage of life, it’s very important to have a mentor. No matter how hard the situation is, there is always something great on the other side. Mistakes are inevitable in our lives and so are our mentors. Moving forward with the right guidance will make a person successful no matter what.

When asked if he wants to share something with the youngsters, he said,” To all the people reading this, I want to tell you the Reality which very few people will tell. That is


But just because you’re afraid to take that initiative, you don’t even know what you miss in life. Maybe you can be the Next most successful Entrepreneur of the Nation, or of this world. But just because you’re not able to take the first step, you never get to know what treasure your destiny has kept for you.

He believes in the power of mentorship and proper education will create many independent young business people. He believes that if anyone gets the right track and the right mentorship then he/she can do anything in their life. Manav is a successful digital entrepreneur today and is guiding a lot of people to start their own businesses. if you also want to learn about his business and want to work with him, then you can follow him on Instagram :

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