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MarkNStamp Unveils The Latest Advancements In Technology At METALLOOBRABOTKA 2024 OBRABOTKA

Whenever anything from our nation goes to an international platform don’t we feel proud? Well MarkNStamp has done it before and here they are again representing themselves at METALLOOBRABOTKA 2024 OBRABOTKA.

METALLOOBRABOTKA 2024 is a 24th International Specialized Exhibition for Equipment, Instruments and Tools for the Metalworking Industry. Metalloobrabotka is the largest in Eastern Europe and the CIS trade show of the global machine tool industry and state-of-the-art metalworking technology. It has brought together leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers from around the world since 1984. Today, Metalloobrabotka ranks in the world’s top ten leading machine tool trade shows.

MarkNStamp, a leading manufacturer of advanced metalworking solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in the prestigious METALLOOBRABOTKA 2024 OBRABOTKA exhibition, taking place from May 20-24, 2024. Held in Moscow, this renowned event is the largest in Eastern Europe and the CIS for the global machine tool industry and state-of-the-art metalworking technology.

At the exhibition, MarkNStamp will be showcasing the following groundbreaking innovations. Like their MNS-TC which is a state-of-the-art tool changer system that revolutionizes the efficiency and flexibility of metalworking operations, enabling seamless tool changes and maximizing productivity.

MNSB-53 is a versatile and robust stamping machine that combines power, precision, and reliability, catering to the diverse needs of the metalworking industry. Last but not least, MNSB-155 which is an advanced stamping solution that sets new standards in terms of force, speed, and durability, empowering manufacturers to tackle even the most demanding metalworking challenges.

At the MarkNStamp booth, attendees will be able to see directly the remarkable power and potential of these innovative products, and they can interact with the company’s team of professionals to discuss specialized solutions made to meet their unique needs.

MarkNStamp, a proud proponent of the “Make in India” initiative, will be showcasing its latest innovations at Pavilion 8, Hall 1, Booth No-81, Stall No-D60. The company’s cutting-edge solutions are set to redefine the metalworking landscape, offering unparalleled efficiency, precision, and productivity.

METALLOOBRABOTKA 2024 OBRABOTKA is a pivotal event for MarkNStamp, as they showcase their commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative and their dedication to delivering cutting-edge metalworking solutions to the global market.

It’s a message from the Director and CEO: “We look forward to connecting with industry leaders, forging new partnerships, and driving the future of metalworking technology.

For more information about MarkNStamp and its participation in METALLOOBRABOTKA 2024 OBRABOTKA, please visit the company’s website at

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