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Mass Awareness, Education & Training have the potential to accelerate Economic Growth in rural India to Compete in Global Economic Race

Catalystic Digiprenuer Enterprises Limited an ISO 9001:2015 certified public limited company incorporated with the vision of “to aware young India about the urgency we are facing as a country, and the need for their contribution to resolving it as a whole”. The company is achieving its vision in mission mode by visiting villages, towns, cities, UTs, and the various States of India to meet different people through distinct awareness campaigns like workshops, face-to-face sessions, chopal meetings, digital campaigns, etc. Directors and promoters of the company are committed to developing an ecosystem in the country to connect the rural economy to the main economy by generating employment in the villages or locally by encouraging youngsters in Rural India longing for employment opportunities by initiating village startups. Rajiv Chand Garg, CMD of Catalystic Digiprenuer Enterprises Limited (CDEL) received the Global Pride Award 2021 for achievement in providing “Practical Entrepreneurial Education” to young India for this socio-economy-oriented project. The team stood up and encouraged many and continued with the result-oriented effort to the villagers and micro startups along with empowering 31200 approximately people to date and counting in many other states to generate employment locally.

Catalystic Digiprenuer Enterprises Limited is promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment as Catalystic Entrepreneurship in villages, towns, small cities, and various districts among youngsters and ladies. The task was challenging due to a lack of awareness, resources, proper mentorship, entrepreneurial guidance, and of course the mindset. Initially, the Catalystic Executives had faced a lot of shots of aimless questions due to the mindset of getting a secured job for decades for a comfortable life.

Rajiv Chand Garg, Neha Kandwal and Radhika Garg took initiative to fight against the diverse condition and proceed towards the goal of the company. He restructured the four-step simple system plan of awareness campaigns, skill development training, handholding, and the support system. The pre-planned pilot projects, the guidance of mentors, the suggestions from the top domain leaders on the real figures, and the team effort made the dream come true.

The entire team of Catalystic Executives with its CMD handle each individual politely and drag their attention towards the base-level challenges of the Indian Government & businesses to generate mass employment in India. The awareness is supported by the related facts and figures in the comfortable local languages.

The supportive family, YouTube videos, and the one-on-one call or collaborative video conferencing or offline sessions by the CMD and MD (Neha Kandwal) make the company excel in the future. He has visited pre-lockdown personally to train ladies and youngsters and now again back to the field post lockdowns. Through the training, many of them are now clear with the basic spirit of entrepreneurship, government schemes and policies through MSME, NSIC, KVIC, District level DICs, etc. Those who are now trained, excitedly preparing for Catalystic Pilot Projects at their villages.

The company has confirmed that “those who are now trained, preparing for Catalystic Pilot Projects in their villages and soon will start their pilot projects to taste the new opportunities.” The first round of Catalystic Pilot Projects will be launched in Punjab’s Ludhiana, Fazilka, and Haryana’s Ambala, Yamuna Nagar.

The journey was full of hurdles but at last, almost 31,200+ ladies came forward with elders, youngsters, and kids in support of this project with a strong progressive and entrepreneurial mindset to contribute to India’s growth! These are those mature entrepreneur mindsets who earned the skills during the COVID-19 lockdown and farmers’ protests to tackle any tough and extreme situations and are ready to boost the Indian economy from Rural India to compete in the global economy.


  • Have initiated the Catalystic Women Empowerment Center to empower ladies through the supportive development of skills.
  • Have initiated The Catalystic Thrift & Credit Co-operative Society for financial credit access with the basic financial literacy for the micro startup business.
  • Have initiated Catalystic Gram Pathshala to educate kids and teenagers in villages with the additional support to enhance skills towards the part of the better-skilled workforce for future India.
  • Have initiated Catalystic Mart to encourage local employment-generating village or micro industries with more projects in the pipeline to accelerate Economic growth in rural India.
  • By the joint Collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development under the scheme/initiative of Rural Self-Employment Training Institutes (RSETI), the Catalystic Entrepreneurship Project has trained hundreds of ladies from 80+ villages of Punjab and Haryana in the month of May and June 2022.

Catalystic Digiprenuer Enterprises Limited is a member of ASSOCHAM and has achieved many milestones altogether with villagers and farmers of 5 states (Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh) and have presence in over 1500+ villages. Catalystic Project has 1200+ ladies’ groups, 500+ Catalystic Gram Pathshalas, and much more for the bright future of India.


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