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Meet Entrepreneur Sagar Arora: The Multitalented Artist from India who Sings, Acts and Walks the Ramp!

Back in the day, getting signed to a major label meant you made it. Nowadays, the major labels are losing their foothold to independent artists. Yes, in today’s age, independent artists are stamping their authority in the entertainment sector through their marketing skills.

Every now and then, there comes a revolution in the entertainment scene of a country and one such artist who has made a mark for himself is entrepreneur Sagar Arora who’s a budding singer, actor, model and an influencer! Presently, this promising influencer is at the heights of success that any artist dreams about. Several individuals are trying to fit their identity cornice in the rat race for success. However, very few are able to flourish with their ability or talent. Entrepreneur Sagar Arora is a multitalented personality and the one thing that keeps him ahead of the race is he is digitally upgraded. He is an influencer and an accomplished brand strategist with digital marketing skills.

Tycoon Sagar Arora was born on the 3rd of June, 1991 in New Delhi, India. Lawyer by profession, he has gradually risen as an independent artist who has now carved out a unique identity for himself as a developing singer, actor and a model who comprehends how to strike the right chords with the masses. He basically chooses genres like Desi Hindi Pop and Jazz for his music and mixes Haryanvi and Hindi. During his college days, he used to write couplets and poems and also used to sing in different functions. His mother, Sangeeta Arora wanted him to try his luck in the entertainment sector. Being a skilled digital marketer, there has been no turning back for him as an independent artist. Sagar has worked in many street plays, theatre shows, and shared the screen with Nora Fatehi on MTV’s show ‘Dating in the Dark’. His recent song Woofer has gone viral on various social platforms and has been launched by Zee Music Company.

However, being an independent artist is different than what people understand of the career, itself. Sagar sells emotions and launches the latest trend which he thinks would be a hit. Sagar’s Instagram handle boasts of more than 53.5K followers in such a short period of time! And why not! His posts are full of unique content in the form of videos, photographs that include motivational talk too. The teenagers no doubt seem to have connected with this prodigy in the music world.

Sagar is just 31 and already shows traces of reaching new heights of success. A budding Entrepreneur and an Influencer, Sagar Arora is a hard worker and believes that it is through his dedication that he managed to get where he is today. In many of his live sessions on Instagram, he has accepted to be a product of sheer fortitude. He says, “I want to inspire more and more teenagers to do what they want to but with 100% efforts so that they don’t have to compromise on their dreams”.

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