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NGE takes a step forward to promote Atmanirbhar Bharat

Looks to penetrate western India with a massive expansion plan creating one lakhs of job opportunities

New Delhi: Clean fuel energy company, NexGen Energia recently hosted its advisory meeting led by its Founder and Chairman Dr Piyush Dwivedi along with Mr AP Pathak IAS (retd). Managing Director NexGen Energia, Mr Dinesh Mahajan Sr. Vice President, Mr Ankur Dubey General Manager, Mr Om Prakash Singh DGP (retd)., Mr Raghav Chandra IAS (retd)., Mr Girish Shankar IAS (retd)., Mr Gupteshwar Pandey DGP(retd).,  Mr K N Tiwari DGP ( EOW )(retd)., Honorary Advisory.  In the meeting it charted its roadmap and expansion plans for the next quarter.

As per the physical advisory meeting the clean fuel energy company, perceiving the favourable environment and the need to switch to environment friendly fuel energy alternatives NexGen Energia is soon looking to spread its wing in the western part of the country. It plans to set up 1000 CNG units in which bio waste will be converted to CNG. It also plans to open over 10, 000 CNG (CBG) pumps in different locations. It will also be opening diesel pumps and charging stations offering lucrative franchise opportunities.

The massive plan will help speed up the process of clean energy adoption and generate over 10 lakh jobs for the youth which is the need of the hour.

In the light of the above the advisors have concluded in the meeting that NGE should on priority accelerate the process of getting NOC’s for the pumps and also expedite approval process in Uttar Pradesh & Haryana.

Commenting on the outcomes of the advisory meeting, NexGen Energia Founder and Chairman Dr Piyush Dwivedi said, “We are happy to conduct our virtual advisory meeting. As the clean energy trajectory for the nation has been on an upswing and with an optimistic environment and favourable policies we want to leverage on the opportunity. We believe with each passing day, India is getting closer to achieve the envisaged goal of creating a sustainable nation and advancing economic development and clean energy will act as a major catalyst. The expansion of the sector will also help in creating job opportunities.

As with the expansion plans well laid for NGE, we are rest assured of it contributing towards the government’s effort of making the nation Atmanirbhar Bharat and our efforts are directed towards helping the nation meet its ambitious target set for the renewable energy sector.

Our advisory members by mentoring NexGen Energia and defining the road ahead are lending a big support to not just to NGE but also well aligned with the government’s vision and initiatives to help speed up the process of adoption of environment friendly energy. Moreover, the expansion plans will promote economic development in geographies that NGE will enter and alongside create employment opportunities.”

NexGen Energia Ltd. is a clean fuel energy company with a vision to re-define the manufacturing & distribution of the alternate future energy sector. The company endeavours to drive & innovate the future energy revolution. The idea behind it is to have a green planet & energy independence as well as contribute in creating business opportunities for the millennials, entrepreneurs, etc.

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