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Pedram Shakouri explains the struggle of being a Professional Photographer

A photography in career may seem like an easy choice, but it’s not.

According to Pedram Shakouri, a renowned Russian photographs which have done many projects with some of the leading brands explains the struggles of being a professional photographer. 

In general, photography as a profession requires a lot of work. From making use of the right camera at the right time to countless other vital aspects. Why? Because even the smallest details help create the perfect environment to capture an aesthetically appealing picture.

Pedram Shakouri pxplains the struggle of being a Professional Photographer

The Struggles:

When it comes to photography, a large number of professionals feel constant pressure to always create eye-catching pictures. Not to mention the need to be PERFECT in their career.

So before you choose photography as your career, here are a few struggles you must know, as mentioned by PedramShakouri.

  • Projects

Don’t just go after the money. As a photographer, it’s a must to pick out your project extremely carefully. Later on, you will be the one who will further plan the project. Including the atmosphere, effects, pose, locations and timing. 

  • Lighting

Lighting matters the most. The entire quality of your pictures relies on this one factor. It can basically make or break your final picture and turn the editing into a more difficult task.

  • Over-Editing

It’s obvious that no one likes to create over-edit their work. Either be it a writer or a photographer.

Pedram says, “I don’t like to edit the photo and videos too much to be real and rare.”

Pedram Shakouri pxplains the struggle of being a Professional Photographer

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