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Promote Your Brand – “Be Vocal For Local” With MediaDekho.Com

Gurgaon, Haryana : We are in a state of siege again. The only difference is that this time, it’s a pandemic that has kept us in this house arrest. But, if there is one thing that we have learned by now, it is self-reliance.

With Honorable PM Narendra Modi’s speech about “AtmanirbharBharat” and Vocal For Local,” the Make in India slogan has caught fire again. Strong sentiment of pride has taken over that can be seen across various platforms and brand voices. This can be perceived as a driving force towards building a self-sufficient nation.

In light of the initiatives taken by the government, the manufacturing industries in India are expected to reach a production of US$ 1 trillion by 2025.

Is the increased production enough to make this campaign successful?

If we really want to be vocal for local, brand building and awareness will play a significant role in the coming days. To create an audience that understands the true meaning behind Make in India, they’ll need to be educated on what’s local and what’s not.

Role of Media and Advertising to achieve ‘’Vocal for Local’’ Vision

Aligning the brand with the local consumer will go a long way in creating opportunities for the selection of Indian products. One must understand that brand promotion is an integral part of this process.

The public relations and publication industry can help target the right audience and deliver the brand voice clearly. Devising a marketing strategy that finds its way through vernacular mediums and the communications will make the consumers feel a personal connection to the brand. It is of utmost importance that a brand identity is created, resonating with this idea.

In the current scenario, where consumers are choosing their neighborhood stores to make essential purchases, reaching them within the comfort of their home has taken precedence over everything else. An innovative advertising campaign in such situations is bound to see traction. To create hyperlocal brands that operate in a small territory, one would also need a medium that caters to that specific area. Communication and PR firms hold the magic sauce to make this happen.

Leveraging the media outlets and advertising agencies would be crucial in creating brand visibility. Additionally, adopting digital marketing shall build product recall as well.

We are bringing a Special TV Show to promote ‘’Vocal for Local’’

At, we are creating a one-of-a-kind TV show that captures the true essence of this movement. Bringing together entrepreneurs that are shaping the Vocal for Local, the show depicts how the various industries are preparing for mass production. It is a tribute to the Indian men and women working round-the-clock to take the world by storm. this is why we have brought a TV show that will tell how our India is capable of competing with big foreign companies?

If your brand, industry or product is capable of bringing industrial revolution, then we will come to your city and cover your brand, your story, your industry and showcase your product by way of a televised show. Contact us and be a part of this show to promote your offerings to your countrymen. We are inviting startups and entrepreneur to tell their brand stories and success stories to take next level the movement #VocalforLocal

Global Exposure Through Brand Promotion

Promotion doesn’t come with a set of rules or constraints. A small advertisement created for your target audience has the potential to achieve global attention. People usually have the same core values, no matter which part of the world you are in.

Hence, creating a promotional environment for an Indian brand is the first step in going global. It is all about building awareness and utility. With the right medium and engagement, the possibilities are endless today.

As the physical and digital worlds collide, it would be interesting to see how brands position themselves for success on different platforms.

Conclusion & Approach

The Vocal for Local initiative is a boon for the Indian brands. To ensure that the movement achieves its desired success, a step must be taken towards promoting the right set of products to the right audience. is a new age media company with complete focus on integral media solutions for its clients our core portfolios include – PR Publication & Distribution on National News Channels, TV Business shows and Leading Business Magazines for helping its partners to create desirable brand impact, driving growth and visibility by providing a wide variety of Media and advertising services. Our Core objective to provide all relevant media advertising solutions from one platform for more click on

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