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SD Utility Pvt Ltd’s CEO, Souhardya Bhowmick, Sets New Standards in Facility Management Innovation

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In a competitive contemporary time of talent and innovation, Souhardya Bhowmick, the esteemed CEO of SD Utility Pvt Ltd, has been recognised for his significant contributions to the industry. Born on December 7, 2002, Souhardya’s journey from a diligent student to a visionary leader exemplifies his dedication and intellect. Awarded the prestigious National Scholar Award by Sir Ratan Tata on December 18, 2022, Bhowmick’s academic and professional milestones are a testament to his unparalleled potential.

Originating from a Hindu Bengali family in Kolkata, West Bengal, Souhardya is the eldest of two siblings, born to Swapan Bhowmick and Ashima Bhowmick. His academic journey is all about brilliance, with a solid foundation at Himalayan International Residential School and advanced studies at Sudhir Memorial Institute. Souhardya’s passion for Physics and outstanding performance in competitive exams like CAT, JEE Mains, and JEE Advanced in 2021-22 paved the way for his higher education in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute Of Technology Madras (IIT-M). Further enriching his expertise, he pursued an MBA in Finance and Marketing at the Indian Institute Of Management Calcutta (IIM-C).

SD Utility Pvt Ltd, under Souhardya Bhowmick’s leadership and founder Sanjay Dutta’s guidance, has enhanced facility management services with a blend of technological and traditional approaches. Since its inception in 2011, the company has grown from a modest team of four to a formidable workforce of over 4390 employees, serving over 1650 bank branches across Eastern and North Eastern India. Achieving a turnover of Rs. 52.72 Crores in the fiscal year 2021-22, SD Utility is on 50% growth in the subsequent fiscal year, demonstrating its business model and operational excellence.

The company’s diversified service portfolio encompasses general and technical utility services, catering to a wide range of sectors. SD Utility’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is reflected in its innovative solutions, including maintaining electrical distribution systems, water treatment plants, and HVAC systems, among others. Its civil and mechanical job services offer comprehensive solutions catering to the client’s specific needs, ensuring sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Sanjay Dutta, Managing Director, and Souhardya Bhowmick, CEO, together emphasise the company’s dedication to understanding and fulfilling client needs. Their strategic approach to facility management and the adoption of advanced technologies positions SD Utility as a leader in optimising operational costs and enhancing service delivery.

SD Utility Pvt Ltd continues to set benchmarks in the facility management sector, driven by a vision of excellence and innovation. As the company moves forward, its leadership and team remain committed to delivering services to its clients by living upto their expectations.

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