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Shivam Walia, handling multiple businesses ranging from Advisory Services to Real Estate, Hospitality & Technology

Shivam is the Special Advisor to the Chairman of Ramee Groups, the Director of the Flying Colour Group of companies and the Chief Commercial Officer of Multiverse Labs.

Many believe that pursuing too many ventures at the same time might not yield a positive result. It might be true for many entrepreneurs who cannot focus on one aspect of their business. On the other hand, some entrepreneurs are minting money as fast as galloping horses by setting up various businesses. Needless to mention the businesses are reaping benefits in heaps and bounds- all at the same time. Many successful entrepreneurs are looked upon as the gurus of start-up businesses. However, several niche entrepreneurs have become millionaires by simply being serial entrepreneurs.

Some of the names of self-made millionaires are completely unheard of. One of them is Shivam Walia, an entrepreneur who is making his presence felt with his multiple work profiles. Beginning with his first-ever project in Real Estate Development in UAE, Shivam is a Special Advisor to the Chairman of Ramee Group of Hotels, Resorts & Apartments which is the brainchild of Mr V.M. (Raj) Shetty, Chairman and Managing Worker. The vision of the company is to diversify the products and services related to the hotel industry. Ramee Group of Hotels, Resorts & Apartments is a multinational group which currently operates and manages 42 properties with excellent standards in the mid-market segment, with hotels, resorts and apartments in UAE, Bahrain, Oman and India.

Followed by Shivam’s second venture that is Flyingcolour®. This brand was founded by his mentor and uncle Mr Raj Joshi, with whom Shivam started learning during his early days in college and eventually joined as the director of the Flying colour group of companies. Flyingcolour offers everything you need for a successful business setup in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Company Formation all over the United Arab Emirates along with Accounting & VAT Services.

In addition, it is a business advisory firm that provides top-notch management advisory services to government, non-government, private, and academic sectors. They have been helping in the facilitation of licence formations across the UAE for more than 17 years. In UAE, they do all kinds of company formation; Mainland Company Formations,  Free Zone Company Formations, and Offshore Company Formations.

Shivam’s third business is FlyingColour Immigration which is a leading immigration service-providing firm in Dubai on which thousands of individuals and businesses rely for expertise and advice. It is a team of reliable professionals to source individuals of the highest calibre and successfully process second Citizenship through investment programs and Residency solutions for them along with Business migration in countries like the UK, US, and Canada.

Shivam shares, “Our team of immigration consultants has an intensive understanding of Investor Immigration Programs and Business migration programs across the world. We provide second passports and citizenship through investment programs in countries like Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts, Dominica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Portugal, Vanuatu, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, and many more.”

Shivam’s next venture is Flyingcolour Accounting Services & Tax Consultants which deals with every aspect of your accounting and tax needs, ranging from the preparation of books of accounts and proactively managing your tax affairs to mitigate your exposure to all types of financial hurdles. The mission of Flyingcolour Accounting Services & Tax Consultants is to enrich your business concerning financial prospects. Grow your business while they take care of your accounts/finance.

On an expedition to expand his businesses, Shivam’s fifth business is Signature Habitat specialised in luxury real estate brokerage in Dubai. Signature Habitat serves and deals across the entire spectrum of real estate services. From residential villas, apartments, affordable housing, green living, and luxury properties, to assisting in property listing, property management and obtaining property visas.

Being a Chief Commercial Officer of Multiverse Labs, Shivam’s other venture is related to tech named in partnership with Skyline Group of Companies Chaired by Mr Kamal Puri for the Middle East. Multiverse is the first true metaverse with a token system and novel multi-chain ledger that empowers decentralisation, commerce, and recreation. It’s an ecosystem for building enterprise, creating economic value, and making a whole new way to experience the internet.

Their metaverse adapts, learns, and delivers state-of-the-art services via decentralised governance and operates autonomously without human corruption or biases. Fueled by an engaged community and facilitated by emerging technology, Multiverse provides equal access to game-changing technologies that lead to life-changing experiences.

Shivam started working at an early age and therefore had better exposure to understanding the nuances of playing around in a business which was already established by his Uncle ranging from Hotels to Real Estate. Shivam knows how to grab when a business opportunity knocks at his door. Passionate about people, passionate about luxury, and passionate about having an impact on ultra-luxury space. This is what Shivam is working towards with a strong determination.

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