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Small Punchword creators can now monetize their content through advertisers’ campaigns

Singapore/New Delhi: The Punchword APP with Decentralized Governance recently announced that advertisers will use Punchy Tokens ($PUNCH) for their advertising campaigns in the Punchword APP. In traditional social media, only creators with more than 500,000 followers can fully monetize their content. However, the new creator economy promoter Punchword will allow advertisers to launch viral campaigns led by big creators to sponsor many smaller creators, allowing smaller creators to profit from advertising as well. This revolutionary change shows that the punchy tokens ($PUNCH) will have great growth potential!

The Early 2000s: The boom in the social media industry sparked the beginning of the creator economy. But a handful of platforms are dominating the industry, imposing rules on creators and intercepting most of the revenue they generate. In product placement, only big influencers can make a living from their activities. Punchword launches in 2022 as the first true DAO social media platform, using Web 3.0 philosophy to give power back to creators. Its token is the Punchy Token ($PUNCHY).

Support to turn posts into NFTs: In addition to providing the functions of traditional social media, Punchword also provides a special NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that combines pictures (photos or artwork) with slogans or punch lines. Punchword will allow all creators to turn their posts into NFTs (even outside viral campaigns). Officials say they have now tested the market with a beta version of the app in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Fantom-Based Blockchain: The project party decided to develop Punchy Token ($PUNCH) on the Fantom network. The reason why is that Fantom is one of the blockchains with the highest transaction speed and low energy consumption. Transactions can be confirmed and completed in about 1 second. In the community, Fantom is one of the most engaged communities right now. Fantom ranks in the top 3 in total value locked and is one of Ethereum’s competitors on this factor, which indicates the project party has a high level of confidence in the protocol.

Punchword Chief Executive Officer (CEO) M.C. SKANDER is a graduate of EDHEC Business School and Stockholm School of Economics. Previously worked for Ernst & Young and BNP Paribas. As a crypto trader, he is also a fan of the Fantom Network.

The token of creators ($PUNCH): It will allow Creators to monetize their creations and sell via NFTs, Token holders can vote for platform rules and new features and benefit from the growth of the ecosystem via the increase in the Punchy Token’s price. Token stakers and liquidity providers will be able to earn high returns.

Punchword APP beta version: The Punchword APP has been identified by Google as an APP with high growth potential. This APP will help the project implement user acquisition and growth strategies. Currently have more than 200,000 downloads without investing in sponsored ads yet.

At Punchword, creators will no longer have to wait for the platform to pay. Instead, they will generate revenue and pay to the platform. They can decide which rules apply and choose which new features to launch. Even small creators can participate in ad campaigns. One of the Punchy Tokens ($PUNCH) goals is to become the token of the social media industry.

No matter what your status, crypto traders, Influencers, Singers and rappers, Personal development coaches, and Comedians, you can get everything you want from Punchword.

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