Software engineer turned social activist Saurabh Dubey is working towards women empowerment

New Delhi: How can society progress if half the population is not empowered? Pondering over this question for quite some time, an engineer turned social activist Saurabh Dubey decided to dedicate his life towards women empowerment. Saurabh began his career as a software engineer and worked for reputed firms like TCS and Tech Mahindra. His knowledge, hard work and passion for his job led him to success at a very early age. He joined as a director at Techlik Solutions Pvt. Ltd taking his career to another level. Despite touching the skies in the IT industry, Saurabh felt the urge to do and achieve more in life. When he got a chance to work with the Ministry of Parliament Affairs and Ministry of Minority Affairs, he grabbed it immediately.

It was during this time when he realized his responsibility towards society. Working with the government made him understand the problems at ground level and it pushed him to find solutions. He eventually realized his desire to work for social causes in order to make the world a better place to live. While working with both ministries, he understood his goals and began drawing a plan of action. After proper ideation and bringing together a pool of resources, Saurabh began working in the fields of women empowerment, community social work and school social work.

Saurabh feels strongly towards the need to empower women. For the longest time, society has considered women the weaker sex, depriving them of equal rights and freedom. Saurabh understands that the world can progress only when women are empowered. Saurabh says, “This is just the beginning. I am constantly planning and evaluating. I am bringing people together who feel for the cause and we are setting up systems that will help in the proper execution of our plans in the near future.”

An accomplished software engineer now identifies himself as a public servant working tirelessly to serve the suppressed section of our society. His never give up attitude, problem-solving skills and thirst to achieve more is pushing him to work for the greater good. His stubbornness, liberal thoughts and optimistic attitude make him stand out among his contemporaries. Passion for social service combined with IT knowledge is helping Saurabh do things differently and in a manner that truly makes an impact.

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