Sumit Kumar- factory worker turned successful entrepreneur with MSME-NSIC loan

Sumit Kumar from Agra built the enterprise of his dreams named “Sumit enterprise” in 2018 which produces plastic brushes for cleaning purposes. Coming from a very humble background Sumit attained outstanding achievements as he turned from a labourer at a factory to an entrepreneur.

Talking about his journey he says, “I started my business with Rs 2 lakh. In the first 2 years, I was unable to take many orders as my products’ demand was increasing in market but I was short of funds. I needed a loan but unfortunately the bank refused my request.  After which I went to MSME department and through their support I got a loan of Rs 411000 sanctioned. As of today my half-yearly turnover is approximately Rs. 30 lakh. I have been transformed from being a labourer to an owner of a business because of NSIC MSME loan”. Ministry of MSME  empowered him to become “Self-Reliant”.

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