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Tanish Agarwal: Young Entrepreneur of Assam and Founder of JP DESIGNS & PRINTS

Tanish always wanted to start his own business, but it took a while for him to create something he was passionate about enough to get him motivated. He was always fascinated with designs, but he didn’t ever try his hands at making anything until the pandemic hit the world and human beings were locked indoors.

During the first covid wave he started experimenting with different technology and machinery before finally deciding to enter the print on demand field. Soon his entrepreneurial journey began, of selling customised products, and JP DESIGNS & PRINTS was born. Today his brand JP DESIGNS & PRINTS offers a wide range of products including customised t-shirts, mugs, and other personalised items which are designed by him itself to be printed on the articles.

It’s onerous for anyone to start out as an entrepreneur and build a new business from the ground up. Being young also brings a bizarre set of challenges to the table, ones that your older counterparts might not need to affect. Entrepreneurs face many challenges in today’s ultra-competitive business world. Cash flow is important to small business survival, yet many entrepreneurs struggle to pay the bills while they’re expecting checks to arrive. Tanish Agarwal says, Initially, “I invested around 1 lakh rupees, whereas I had saved only 30-40 thousand. But with proper planning and budgeting, I was able to solve this problem”.

The most difficult part of his journey was procuring raw material during the time of the pandemic. But with continuous efforts and zeal to do something, he was able to buy the machines, and JP DESIGNS & PRINTS was launched in July 2020.

It’s difficult for startups to find potential clients. People continue to stick with well-known brands and companies that they’re already accustomed to. Payments and delivery of products was also a significant issue faced by him. People were hesitant to pay in advance and were worried about the delivery of the product. But after assuring the customers that at JP DESIGNS & PRINTS, they take proper precautions while delivering the product, and there is no chance of delivering damaged products people started trusting them.

Tanish mentioned, at times customers would opt for cash on delivery service and would reject the product at their doorstep. Due to rejection, we suffered a lot of losses as the products are customised, and it goes to waste if the client rejects the design. But with time and immense hard work, people started trusting their business.

Getting their parents to support a new startup can make a huge difference for many young entrepreneurs. The key to swaying conservative parents to support your entrepreneurial dreams is to organize them beforehand. Make sure they know this is not a spur-of-the-moment idea. Otherwise, they could be caught off guard, trying to protect you from what they see as an inevitable failure.

My parents were initially hesitant about me starting a business, but they were convinced once they saw me set up everything and handle it well.

Tanish Agarwal says, “In the next 5-10 years I am looking to expand my business with around 10-15 Hi-Tech machines. I want to make JP DESIGNS & PRINTS more available to my customers and reach a larger crowd. Once my online business flourishes, I am planning to expand into multiple physical retail stores and product variants. Well, my goal is, whenever someone thinks of high quality customised products, they think of JP DESIGNS & PRINTS.”

Recently, he added many other services like IT, Graphic Designing, Marketing, Media & PR, etc.

Tanish takes immense pride in the firm that he has set up, which is truly customer-friendly. He believes that his most towering achievements are yet to come, but he is working in the right direction. He feels one should be patient with what you’re doing in life; God has plans for everyone. So just keep hustling and don’t overthink the negatives.

Talking about his achievements, Tanish told us that “I have been bestowed with the “Global Growth Accelerator Award ” in April 2021, which is awarded to me under the Business category by Growthbeats, “Bharatiya Youth Face Of India 2021” in September 2021, “India Book Of Records”  in February 2022 under the title of Appreciation and “Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award” in February 2022 by TEOI. I am one of the youngest entrepreneurs to receive this prestigious award.

He truly believes that age is just a number—it is never too early or late to start working on something productive. Perseverance and enthusiasm helps you to smooth your route to success. One should keep their patience high and attitude upbeat.

Tanish says, My advice to my fellow entrepreneurs is, “never compare the age with things that one should do at a particular age. Just see the person’s abilities and push them forward. Make use of each and every moment in your life rather than wasting them.”

“Success gives you a special ‘high’, the appetite of which raises along with increasing challenges. For an entrepreneur ignited with the zeal to succeed, there always may be a way. There’s no giving up, no giving in, just trying until you reach the milestone and head towards the next one.

My mantra is ‘stand ahead of the crowd’. There’s a very interesting saying: “Stars don’t compete with other stars, they just shine.” I find myself completely in cognizance with the idea. Mutual growth is sustainable development. However, it’s also primary to develop a differentiator.

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