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The Clothing Rental – One-Stop Solution for Rental High Fashion Outfits

The Clothing Rental, founded in 2005 is a beautiful destination for fashionistas and more.. nestled in a quaint Bandra Bunglow, its bollywood industry’s best kept secret.

One can find outfits for men and women, Indian or western for a fraction of the price. As the name suggests the business focuses on circular economy and sustainability by offering one of kind clothing pieces on rent.

The rental duration is usually three days but the team is quick to work with your needs for out of town events or photo shoots where you may need to take a fun trail gown that flies in the air and a matching tuxedo to some exotic location out of town.

The clothing rental ships all across India and is easy to work with. Being a rental business it’s slightly different from your usual retail shops or online businesses where you buy or return. In a rental scenario the team will work with you one on one, to understand your sizes, colour or style preference, body types, budget and dates to suggest the best suitable options.

Once you select what you like, the process is fairly simple. There is a rental amount due and a refundable security deposit that must be paid while picking the outfits. Once you return the pieces the company will refund the deposit back to you. With the exception of a client damaging, ripping, cutting or misplacing the item, in such scenarios the business might withhold the security deposit.

The prices start at about 4000 for an outfit going up to 30,000.

You may pay by credit or debit card or bank transfer or cash.

The Clothing Rental offers a wide range of event dressing from tuxedos, suits, Sherwani’s or kurtas for men and Lehengas, sareee, gowns or dresses for women.

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