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“The King of Birthday Party Planning, Mumbai”- Nimit Anand, Founder and CEO of ‘Dreams Come True Event’

Events and occasions are part of our happiness, and this is where NIMIT ANAND came up with his amazing ideas and plans to make everyone’s dreams come true. This is when the journey of “DREAMS COME TRUE EVENT” began. It’s amazing to know that these ideas started rising in his mind in a movie theatre. A movie named ‘Band Baja Barat’ which is based on event planning motivated Nimit to start a company managing various occasions and events of people also along with this his wife after watching the movie motivated him to take up Event Management as a passion and to start his own company on the same. Nimit started consulting with many people engaged in this field, he almost met around 400-500 people in 8 to 9 months discussing planning. He stepped ahead by managing small events like parties & DJ Nights as initially investing a lot in this wasn’t possible at that period. This business would absorb a lot of funds which Nimit was unable to arrange and due to which he couldn’t afford godowns on rent for decors and other essentials.

His first order was about a wife seeking to surprise her husband on Valentine’s Day and arrange a romantic and musical candlelight dinner. And every start-up needs an acceleration to get on the path to success, and this is where Nimit’s DREAMS COME TRUE started arranging amazing events for people. In the interview, he states that he hates 9 to 5 jobs as these seem to be very tedious. He is a very social person who loves to interact with several people, which struck him to get into planning various events for various people.

Back in 2011 when Nimit started his company, it was a very difficult stage to compete as a newbie in the market having major enterprises. But a passionate person has willpower and the potential to achieve and fulfill his dreams. This is how Nimit’s passion drove his way to success. If we gaze into his business, we can know that till 2021 Nimit’s DREAMS COME TRUE has arranged around 4000 events for people. His refined knowledge in this field with an experience of over 10 years has augmented his skills in managing events that are much more budget-friendly. He has organized events for many celebrities as well as for middle-class families. This versatility in his event planning where he could organize an event differing with budgets from 10,000 to 10 lakhs. This uniqueness in his company has made a great impact in conquering many banquet halls in Mumbai as a sole event planner. His augmented skills helped him in capturing the market for birthdays, baby showers, naming ceremonies, etc.

Nimit’s startup also faced hardships during the pandemic as the sole objective of his business was based on social gatherings which were highly prohibited, and this became a constraint to his business. Although a passionate mind never steps back, likewise Nimit didn’t give up during the pandemic. With all his confidence he believed that he would be back again after this harsh situation with a much more resilient mindset. He says that he faced a lot of failure in his life, but not a single failure could break his obstinate mind. He states that he has come up from many losses and big failure, but in life, these throwbacks must not become a barrier to our road to success. Also, their hunger in him to reach the top increased when he saw big companies taking up events with budgets around 30cr-40cr. He was motivated by seeing the topmost players, and he pushed his limits as high as the sky.

And the CEO of ‘DREAMS COME TRUE EVENT’ had a dream of capturing the city of Mumbai and being the “KING OF EVENT PLANNERS, making people think of DREAMS COME TRUE EVENT whenever they think of any event of happiness. His goal was to set the name of his company in the hearts of people and see hoardings and banners of his company all around the city. Nimit says that the youth of our country must not give up because of the throwbacks in life but come back even stronger with more potential. Stepping back has never made something good in life, but comebacks are a new lane of your path.

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