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This Is How Josy Mathew & His Team At Is Converting Normal Homes Into Luxury Houses and the visionary entrepreneur behind this new-age startup have several things that are the first time for a nation like India. One of the many things that Josy Mathew and his entire team behind are doing is to change the overall look and feel of a normal house and turn them into what we call an inspired living. Into a luxury abode.

Win-Win Situation For Both: The Owners & The Tenants

This raises the property’s worth at the same time also providing a safe and secure platform for both owners and tenants to transact. Tenants are offered a no-deposit model in exchange for a better living experience in fully refurbished residences complete with furniture, decor, and appliances. The deposit-free approach, on the other hand, ensures that tenants are not harassed for their deposits when they quit.

If you want to know the scale at which Josy Mathew & his team at is reshaping the real estate landscape in India- “As of now, we have completed the renovation of more than 5000 houses from the normal ones to something that oozes luxury and are in perfect line with our inspired living theme at” Josy Mathew, Founder & CEO of said, “and we are looking forward to renovating at least 12,000 living spaces till 2021 finishes.”

Unstoppable Growth & Regular Funding From Investors For Josy Mathew’s

According to a recent press release from Josy Mathew &,, a new-age startup in India that is committed to providing online deposit and payment platforms for owners and tenants, has acquired $5 million in its second round of funding from angel investors. The company has previously obtained $1.5 million in investment.

“Our goal is to transform people’s perceptions of rented space in almost all the major cities in India. The investment will be utilized to remodel more homes and turn them into fully functional, beautiful living spaces”- according to Josy Mathew, Chief Operating Officer, and the Founder behind

The money from the fresh round of funding will be used to help stabilize the company’s operations, Josy Mathew, Founder & stated, “The cash would be used to refurbish an ever-increasing number of normal houses that are getting onboarded at our platform. Being in the business for the last 6 years, we have emerged as the single most preferred brand for homeowners and tenants searching for luxury living spaces in almost every major city in India. We have completed over 5000 house renovations so far, and we expect to complete at least 12,000 more homes by the end of 2021.”

Josy Mathew & First Choice For Anyone Looking To Purchase A Property For Investment Purposes

Today, provides homeowners with a rental investment property an assured and reliable source of rental income, as well as tenants with a well-maintained, safe, and secure living space alternative.

They work with every top real estate company in the country and are the first choice for anyone looking to purchase a property for investment purposes.

Josy Mathew &’s Diversification Into Furniture & Interiors Showroom 

Moving forward Josy Mathew’s ambitious plan also includes opening up the furniture and interiors showrooms in Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, and Chennai to serve customers outside of its present operational range. At present, there are over 5000 properties across Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Dubai, and other cities are listed at and the number is growing every day. & Josy Mathew: Owning The Entire Lifecycle Of The Apartment Living Experience aims to own the entire lifecycle of the apartment living experience for owners and tenants by 2025, with its own branded furniture showrooms, supermarkets, gate management, and property management systems and services.

“No renter will be denied a safe and secure society living experience owing to an owner’s prejudice, nor will they be financially burdened as a result.” Founder/CEO of, Josy Mathew, says.

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Livvehomes buys unfurnished and semi-furnished houses from their owners, furnishes them into an inspired living space- luxury houses, and then rents them out to renters without requiring a deposit. Want to know more about how Josy Mathew & his entire team behind is operating?

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