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This Is How Josy Mathew Reviews The Route To Providing Legal consultancy services In Any Unpleasant Scenario Concerning Tenants/ Homeowner

Josy Mathew and his new-age startup, since its inception in 2016, have a single driving mission and that is to offer great experiences to all of its customers, stakeholders and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for both parties involved in the rental agreement. Let’s delve deep and find out how Josy Mathew reviews the route to providing legal consultancy services in any unpleasant scenario concerning tenants/ Homeowners.

But wait. That’s not the only area of focus for this visionary entrepreneur- Josy Mathew. The rental landscape in India is full of challenges and hardship and has just enough elements woven into it to burn the dedication level of anyone willing to build and scale a business like

How It All Started for Josy Mathew And The Team Behind

When a tenant walks into a home, most of the time, the wavelength between tenants and home and property owners is miles apart. Both the parties try to safeguard their own interest while living in the shadow of each other. There is no lack of issues that can escalate and turn into an unpleasant experience. The various issues are not only limited to multiple concerns around the rental agreements between tenants and home and property owners but also around day-to-day lifestyles and entry/exit time of tenants. In the case of a bachelor staying in a home, the chance of getting into a tussle increases manifold. Most of the time it takes an ugly turn in the form of legal issues and police cases. Result? Unnecessary mental stress and endless visits to authorities, courts, and police.

This one thing inspired Josy Mathew to a great extent and now he and his entire team behind is committed to providing legal consultancy services too in case of any unforeseen and unpleasant scenario where tenants and homeowner gets entangled. Trust Josy Mathew to stand behind you and walk an extra mile to safeguard your interest as a tenant or as a homeowner once you have decided to have your property listed at or if you are someone who is looking for zero deposits home across all the major cities in India. Even if it means at times, Josy Mathew standing in between various police cases concerning tenants and homeowners, there is nothing that can hold him back. For the last several years, and Josy Mathew is working as a middleman between police cases involving tenants and homeowners.

How Josy Mathew & Team Behind Is Protecting Both Parties From Unwanted Targeting

It was not an easy route to offer legal consultation services in the event of a conflict between homeowners and tenants. When Josy Mathew began developing and building, he faced numerous and complex hurdles. He had his own vision for the company’s future, as well as a business plan that benefited both homeowners and tenants. Josy Mathew, the visionary entrepreneur, chose to give legal advisory services in case of any legal issues occurring between owners and tenants that deal with any and all rental legal concerns after investing a few valuable years creating and establishing his business,

Even now, when Josy Mathew has been involved in a number of court disputes involving both homeowners and tenants, there was no turning back for Josy Mathew once he decided to support and protect both parties interests. He is dedicated to bringing form and consciousness to his concept and vision, which benefits both sides in a rental agreement. Whatever issue the parties are having as a result of the rental agreement, Josy Mathew and his staff will go above and beyond to protect your best interests.

Josy Mathew admits- 

“scaling the managed and an assured rental model took us a lot of time and money plus several police cases too wherein we got entangled as we always tried our best to safeguard the interest of both the parties- homeowner and tenant”.

Josy Mathew and Long Road Ahead

Today, Livve provides homeowners with a rental investment property an assured and reliable source of rental income, as well as tenants with a well-maintained, safe, and secure living alternative. Josy Mathew works with every top real estate company in the country and is the first choice for anyone looking to purchase a property for investment purposes. aims to own the entire lifecycle of the apartment living experience for owners and tenants by 2025, with its own branded furniture showrooms, supermarkets, gate management, and property management systems and services.

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