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This Winter Ride with Style and Safety as Steelbird Launches International Quality Touchscreen Friendly Riding Gloves in India!

New Delhi: Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer Steelbird Hi-tech India (SBHT), also the manufacturer and supplier of international quality Riding Gears, once again surprises its riders with ultra-stylish Riding Gloves to keep their hands safe and ride smoothly in all seasons.

Steelbird has launched two varieties of riding gloves: Full-Finger and Half-Finger.

The full-finger riding gloves: The biggest highlight of this glove is that it is touchscreen-friendly, works with all the touchscreen devices. It also features cushioned palm rest, anti-skid fabric for better grip. The wrist velcro closure makes it convenient to put on and take off & for the desired fit. It also boasts of an ergonomic design to protect the fist.

The second riding glove is the half-finger. The gloves feature suede polyester fabric, ribbed fabric at the back for better movement, synthetic perforated palm for better grip. It also offers unbreakable knuckle protection.

These gloves by Steelbird are made with fine attention to detail and utilize breathable mesh fabric for enhanced air circulation and ventilation inside gloves.

These gloves are also extremely lightweight and suitable for all outdoor activities such as while riding a motorcycle, gym, climbing, hiking, cycling and camping etc.

“When riding a motorcycle, it is important to gear up properly. In the same line, bike riding gloves ensure that your hands and fingers are shielded from dust, scratches, heat, water, and similar factors. Getting these bike riding gloves will also ensure you have a proper grip while driving.

Both the gloves, full-finger and half-finger, have been developed with best-in-class features to make the biking experience safe and stylish for the riders.

These bike riding gloves are designed using top-notch fabric, and allied material. Combining comfortable texture, breathable nature, and easy-to-carry nature, these bike riding gloves are light in weight and have a long shelf life.” Said Mr Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director, Steelbird Group.

Also commenting on the demand side Mr Rajeev Kapur said, “The Indian two-wheeler industry has the biggest share of motorcycles. Consequently, this creates a huge market for biking gears. The riders, however, hardly have any choice when it comes to buying branded and international quality riding gears. And this is where these gloves come in.”

The full-finger glove is priced at MRP Rs. 599/-, while the half-finger glove is priced at MRP Rs. 529/- and available in different sizes & are available at all Steelbird outlets and on

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