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TRUNKIN’ introduces New Ceramic Collection and Kitchenware Collection

TRUNKIN’ an initiative to support the local artisans and craftsmen has recently launched their new collection for the coming season and festivities. The collection of Ceramic and Kitchenware will once again support the local artisans in selling their products from TRUNKIN’.

The collection comprises the Ceramic and Trays and Chopping boards in the serve ware category apart from White Wood and Dark wood collection from the tribe and the Gondi collection respectively.

Ceramic Collection

During the second wave that this country endeared, the artisans who dealt with ceramic and production of ceramic goods were left in dire straits.

Khurja, aka The Ceramics City is the cluster of Artisans which has been contributing to the legacy of Indian handicrafts for generations. Material clay is one of the fundamental ingredients to this pottery and industrial oxygen is what binds the entire piece of art together. It was thus that giving them the support at the time of need, became Trunkin’s foremost aim. Having already shipped this stock to its US counterpart is now launching the same in India. Once again in tribute and ode to those who keep the identity of this country going, it’s our time to give back. 

Trays & Chopping (Serveware Collection)

Their collection of Mango wood is based out of their cluster of artisans from the province of Saharanpur. It is Trunkin’s very own tribute to the forest dwellers who reside near the forests, live on them, and are also responsible for their preservation. These unsung heroes have contributed immensely to Indian handicrafts and it is thus our dark wood or ebony based finish of products is named the Gondi Collection and Satinwood (white finish) is called the Kani Collection. Both names of tribes who procure and curate their relative share of wood.

Kani Tribe (White Wood Collection)

The people of the Kani Tribe reside in Agasthyamalai hills of Tamil Nadu. They use and thrive on the leaves of the C. Swietenia, the tree that in the commercial world is called Satinwood. Trunkin being a concept that arose to serve and provide for the sustainability of the artisans of India, dedicates its collection to the masters of preservation of wood. The forest dwellers that have taken form as the messiahs of wood and have gone unnoticed doing the same.

Gondi Collection (Dark Wood Collection)

The Gond tribe residing in the interior of the Deccan peninsula of India is one of the most populous of all tribes in South Asia, they’re known for the use of black magic and witchcraft. However, another of their primary functions is the use of Tendu leaves (Ebony). They use it for their economic well-being as they are skilled in the Art of wooden cravings. The reason for this tribute is because ebony authentically has a dark finish associated with its produce, which is why this particular collection of Artisans curation is being named the same.


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