When dreams speak; the journey

The journey:

OK. Sanafir, a pioneer in adopting newly found principles in the Education industry to make educating a child, a seemingly effortless journey. From a young age, Sanafir was keen on finding ways to earn an extra income on his own. Born and brought up in a very normal family in Vazhayoor, Malappuram, his parents had been always supportive of his enthusiasm to work while studying.

In his teenage, he delivered newspapers and worked in a brick factory. And despite all these extra activities, he managed to pass his tenth grade with flying colors. Though he wasn’t able to ace his high school examinations, Sanafir was not let down. He took an oath to learn better and joined a polytechnic college in his hometown.

That was a new beginning in his life. For the first time, he brought his full focus to learning and getting his assignments done. He strived hard and stayed away from anything that took his attention away from his studies. But that time period didn’t last long.

Some personal experiences he faced while being a student at the college scarred his emotional health and he decided to quit.

His parents still backed up his decision and they were his biggest support system. And later he pursued his degree in psychology, a subject he has always been interested in.

And it is during this time, that he started a tuition centre in parallel to help struggling students while earning part-time income. Initiating that tuition centre titled ‘INTERVAL’ was clearly a turning point in his life.

Though there were financial struggles and difficulties, in the beginning, INTERVAL has now become a fully operating tuition centre with a history of successfully catering to over 4000 students. Team interval has also thrived in employing over 1000 teachers who have been the strongest pillars of their success and still continue to be.

With approaches that are so different from conventional teaching, interval offers individual training to each student at an affordable price for students from first to twelfth grade irrespective of the syllabus they follow. By helping each student learn better, team interval is definitely leaving a footprint of its own in the education industry.


OK Sanafir is a young entrepreneur and the founder of INTERVAL, working under Sanco India Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd which provides tuition to students from grade first to grade twelve. He is a master in positive thinking and optimism and the story of his achievements is one worth listening to.

He is a strong believer in manifestation and willpower and advocates the saying “if there’s a will, there’s away.” He strives every single day to bring a change in the education industry and make students’ learning journey lenient.

Under his supervision, team Interval has managed to help a lot of students and parents across a large area. Team Interval is all set to start its national wing to make sure its services are available at a national level.

Sanafir has been always a constant source of motivation and inspiration to all employees and students of team interval. His dream to leave a footprint in the education industry is still growing and hopefully will make a change in our education system.

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