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Aliya Fatima, an entrepreneur and an influencer, has nailed the current Arab cosmetics style of glittering lids and long lashes, which all ladies enjoy!

Beauty has a way of capturing attention. Beauty treatments and fashion trends have always been in trend but today more and more people have become conscious about their looks. One such person who has taken skincare and fashion to a different level is Aliya Fatima, who is also an ace entrepreneur and an influencer also known as makeuppbyalyy on Instagram. Prominent in her field, Aliya makes everyone look fantastic!

She has time again created trends that have taken the fashion industry by storm. Aliya has a striking taste and is reinventing styles every day. Being a prominent Muslim, Aliya is the founder of A.F Couture, a brand that sells Islamic Apparels in the form of premium and luxurious hijabs, under caps and other accessories.

Aliya Fatima is one of the well-known personalities on the digital platform and pioneering influencers in the world of fashion and beauty, and has thousands of followers in the Arabian Gulf due to her success and distinguished work. She has also achieved many great achievements in this field, as she is a dreamer who always looks at the positive side and believes that self-reliance and willpower is what enables us to achieve our goals in life.

Determined to accomplish her goals she started carving her path by socializing and indulging in the Arab community and people quickly started to recognize her as an influencer in both fashion and empowerment. Throwing a beauty tip, Aliya says, “I am always so gravitated towards neutral tones but at times, I like to go a bit colorful. Whenever I create any look, the idea is to do it in a way that my followers can easily recreate the look. The theme of my content is more towards looks that can be worn & done easily.” Says Aliya

According to Aliya, Her mother is an inspiration for her successful career as a beauty influencer. Her mother is a cosmetics artist herself, and Fatima learned all she knows from her. She was the one who insisted on her doing makeup. Fatima’s mother, Nadia says, “She has been fascinated with cosmetics since she was a youngster. She enjoyed messing around with my cosmetics, but she never used it herself. She began wearing cosmetics while she was in high school and has had a passion for it ever since. “

But one has to be a smart entrepreneur and a digitally active person to connect with the masses. In the Arab region, from A-list celebrities to the most trending beauty and lifestyle influencers, everyone has Aliya’s name on their lists. Whether it is a photo-shoot or a red carpet appearance, Aliya never fails to groom the fashion icons to perfection. People are in awe over the looks created by Aliya and others aspire to become as skilled as her.

Aliya is someone who sells an idea, a construct and a lifestyle. Back in the day when fashion was nascent, the stylist was selling aspirational content through editorials but times have changed. As a smart entrepreneur, Aliya has upgraded herself to becoming an influencer and a content creator too. Apart from being a Makeup artist, she is also a Lifestyle blogger and Fashion/Skincare Influencer. She is quite active on Instagram where he has more than 104K followers and she keeps them engaged with her posts. Sometimes she shares videos on makeup, clothing lines, fashion and styling tips and so on; thus keeping his followers engaged with enticing content

Aliya was born in Karachi, Pakistan, on 21 August 1998. She is 24 years old as of 2021. Her faith is that of a Muslim. Entrepreneur and influencer Aliya is a hustler and believes that it is through her push that she managed to get where she is today. In many of her interviews posted over YouTube she has accepted to be a product of sheer fortitude and sleepless nights of hard work. She says, “I want to inspire more and more people so that they never ever give up on their dreams. Once you make up your mind and give your 100% to any cause the success is nothing but a matter of time”.

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