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Ready for a unique Persian-Jewish dating app? Founder and Ace Entrepreneur and Influencer Arash Barmaan stresses on the Importance of Breaking Stereotypes!

Serendipitously running into your life partner at the local watering hole, at the office, or in school used to be ‘how it is done,’ but this style of old school romance is largely gone from our lives. Modern dating is largely a low-stakes, high-reward game of swiping right in search of love.

Meet entrepreneur Arash Barmaan who has developed one such app which is challenging these norms and bringing a new way of living and loving to such communities is Boos, a Persian-Jewish dating app. Boos is an initiative by Boos Co. the founder and CEO of which is Arash Barmaan.

Ace entrepreneur and influencer Arash Barmaan comes from Middle Eastern descent and says that even as a child he had always been made familiar with the concept of arranged marriage and was supposed to conform to the stereotype of being a doctor, lawyer or engineer. Boos as an app is designed to specifically target Persian and Jewish cultures as these are the ones where arranged marriages are still common. “Families expect both parties to bring a certain pedigree to the union. If you don’t have one of those careers which are considered traditionally fulfilling and you come from a conservative background it can cause serious delay in marriage and even in a relationship outside of it because parents want you to always get that social validation and prestige.”, says Arash Barmaan.

Several individuals are trying to fit their identity molding in the world of success. However, very few are able to flourish with their ability or talent. Arash has proved that nothing is impossible if you are burning fire of passion. Establishing a company with such caliber requires a brilliant and creative mind and that is exactly what Arash is. Through his amazing digital marketing skills he has launched his app to new heights. Arash believes that when a person works for a living, they need to work for something that feeds their passion. He says, “During the hardest of times when things don’t go the way you want to, your passion is the one thing that is going to push you through it.”

Arash Barmaan had to face these problems first-hand when he found himself least interested in any of the career paths his family pictures for him. At first, he was interested in playing professional basketball but then as he learnt more about himself and his abilities Arash Barmaan found himself gravitating towards becoming an internet entrepreneur. With his expertise in the field Arash Barmaan started up his own company which will soon launch the Boos app for both IOS and Android. “You should choose to do whatever you want to do professionally but just make sure that it makes you happy and that you can go on to have a happy personal life as well.”, Arash Barmaan says.Arash is a living example to encourage and inspire individuals who want to become an entrepreneur and become successful at a very young age. He is one example of someone who has risen to the top of the charts.

It is for a fact that with the advent of social media platforms, the number of Influencers has been ever-growing. It is also evident that not many influencers are able to make a substantial mark on society. It is always a question of how efficiently an influencer can use its stardom to help people. Entrepreneur Arash is an entrepreneur cum influencer who has cracked the theory on how to help people the most by his stardom. He is an expert advisor in terms of lifestyle, traveling, technology trends and more. Being an influencer Arash Barmaan collaborates with different big and small brands by promoting the brand’s product. It brings common people’s attention and recognition towards the product. He promotes traveling, technology and trends.

Arash even acts as a mentor for the youngsters and a role model for young people who aspire to emulate his accomplishment. Due to his unique activities on social media, he has garnered a huge fan following. He recently passed the 1.1 million followers over his Instagram handle. Since he has such a large fan base, he makes sure that his followers receive high-quality content. He also offers a mentorship program that teaches people important entrepreneurship skills and his mentoring has the potential to transform people’s lives by enhancing their abilities. He wants people to be self-sufficient so he shares useful tips that have worked for him. He encourages people to pursue their passions and to do extensive research before diving in and his ability to effectively apply tactics and technical expertise makes a significant impact.

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