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BNI Navi Mumbai successfully launched a NEW CHAPTER named AGNI

Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: BNI Navi Mumbai has successfully launched chapter AGNI on 23rd August 2022, with a total of 50 members. The Launch Director Ms. Neeta Chavan through her relentless pursuits has got members on board with the support of the regional team.

BNI Navi Mumbai is known to be one of the very successful networking groups and many SMEs have gained benefit by joining hands with them. Every individual member has a BNI success story to share, such has been their experience. The region has a brew of experienced and new members, and together their energy during the meeting encourages business bonding, and results in success.

Mr.Pankaj Harwansh, Director, BNI Navi Mumbai said, “Our aim is to grow in the Navi Mumbai region and so the launch of AGNI chapter. This will benefit members of Vashiregion to join hands with team AGNI and at the same time experience the success of being a member of BNI Navi Mumbai.”

So far, BNI Navi Mumbai has generated a total Rs.939,71,08,568 plus business for their members. Every member comes with their individual connections, which in turn is brought to the advantage of other members. Building business on each other’s contacts is a faster, efficient, and assured way of generating business.

All Start-ups / Entrepreneurs are welcome to explore the BNI chapters and grow their business.

Ms.Neeta Chavan, Director, Navi Mumbai said, “We have more than 600+ members on board and we are guiding every individual to grow their business through our connections. AGNI Chapter is another great opportunity for SMEs across Vashi and around area to come onboard and be a part of this successful journey.”

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