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Entrepreneur, renowned Journalist and Editor-in-Chief, Sultan Abu Tair has his profession scale to the top in media and journalism

Mass media has several gifted personalities in the form of writers, editors and journalists who take the burden of carrying information and provide it to the world. With strong communication skills they involve in the field of investigating and collecting information that are presented in the form of news and articles. They have not only brought prestige and reputation to the profession but also to themselves with their skilled and talented work. They have been the base of the medium through which all kinds of regional, national and international news and issues are depicted to the world population either digitally or in printed form. One such renowned individual is Sultan Abu Tair whose interest in media and communication has a positive build up in his journey as writer and journalist.

Sultan Abu Tair is a renowned journalist and humanitarian who hails from Palestine. He is a well-known writer and editor in Middle East. Currently, Sultan is the Regional Editor in Chief of ‘Soul Arabia’, a bilingual publication based in London, UK aiming to capture the beauty, success and aspiration of Arabcreative around the world. Between fashion, art, beauty, health, travel, luxury and life’s simplest pleasures – Soul is the reader’s gateway to things of fine taste and true impact. With a finger put on Arab culture’s pulse, yhe publication is produced in print and online to address the diverse needs of an inclusive audience.

Sultan AbuTair pursued his passion for media in his Media and Communication Studies from Lebanese American University (LAU) in 2011 and studied International Business from Canadian International College (CIC) in the year 2013. After his education, he has worked as a Journalist and Business Management Consultant with several organizations.

Abu Tairhas worked with different radios, magazines and TVs as a writer, editor, interviewing people, voice over for commercials and TV programmer from 2008 to 2018. Then he started his career in 2018 as Editor-in-Chief in Soul Arabia Magazine and since then he has never let negativity come his way and is progressing with endless time. He is a person who believes that authentic artistic expression and fortitude are an integral part of creating a global harmony. The journalist has years of experiences in both local and international publications. Abu Tair’s work has been featured in both local and international publications such as the Huffington Post (US). His articles have opened powerful dialogues on some of the international issues which went to create some impact in the international community of readership expanding the zone beyond local boundaries. 

In 2009, he was recognized by Intel Isef for his work in environmental innovation. Recently, Abu Tair has penned down a book named ‘Ambassadors of Hope’ which recounts stories of cancer survivors from diverse regions such as Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, UK, Dubai, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. He launched the book in three different languages. The book is a universal speaker of human perseverance. Abu Tair will hold signings in several countries including London and Dubai.

Despite his myriads of success, his personality reveals Abu Tair to be a humble being. He just views his work as a conduit for progress and change. He enjoys his leisure in poetry writing that captures the essence of the human spirit. His boundless passion for discovery is his greatest driving force and is a self-inspiration to all he does and attains.

Do follow the renowned personality on Instagram, @sultanabutair and learn the skills and his work ethics and get the latest updates of his work.

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