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Christian Arika Lumumba aka Tophaz: The phenomenal DJ & music producer from Nairobi already making an impact in the music industry

At first instance this disc jockey from Nairobi, Kenya seems to be like any young ordinary guy with, but infact Christian Arika Lumumba is one of those kind souls even after getting all the success in life. This is because he had to make extra effort to gain the skill, platforms and, opportunities before getting name and fame. Success wasn’t served on a platter to this extremely talented creatve. Presently, Tophaz is one such ace DJ from Kenya who has opened for big acts and names from across the globe.

DJ Tophaz AKA Mr. 5ive Star is a professional international DJ, beatmaker and Music Producer from Kenya. He has performed and headlined at different nightclubs, concerts and festivals. He has also performed on different radio and TV stations. Tophaz recently passed the 100,000 YouTube subscriber mark and was awarded with the YouTube Silver Plaque Award. He has a number of DJ mixes on the platform and a total of 14.7 million views and counting.

“I had always been passionate about music and the production side of it since I was young aside from being a talented potrait artist”, says Christian Arika Lumumba. From a very young age he was very passionate about music and sounds, so much so that he dedicated his life to it. He was especially interested in digital music and the world of Djing. “With no godfathers to support, it was only me against all the odds” says Christian Arika Lumumba. In the music industry, to survive without any pre-existing support is tough but as the saying goes – as the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Tophaz never backed down on any obstacles whatsoever and has now made a huge name for himself.

Christian Arika Lumumba aka Tophaz shares clips of his works on his Instagram page where he makes his audience go groovy on their feets. DJ Tophaz has more than 16k followers on his Instagram. To get connected with him you can also visit his website

When asked about future endeavours, DJ Tophaz says that – “There is still a long road ahead of me and you gotta keep walking. Being still is a sign of lifelessness and that is never an option. I am working on new projects which will be announced on my Instagram soon.” You can follow him on Instagram or visit his website to be updated on him.

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