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Consultifly Celebrates Decades of Success in Helping Students Secure Top Scores and Top Admits with Scholarships

Bangalore (Karnataka), [India], July 09, 2024: Consultifly, established by Mr. Katti in Bangalore, has carved a niche in the educational sector by empowering students to excel in standardised exams and secure admissions to prestigious universities worldwide. 

The inception of Consultifly traces back to Mr. Katti’s personal experience assisting his cousin to overcome the hurdles of admission tests and complex application processes for studying abroad. This transformative experience not only led to his cousin’s successful admission into a top-tier overseas university but also laid the foundation for Consultifly.

One of the achievements speaks about Anika Jindal’s journey, which is a testament to Consultifly’s success. Ms. Jindal scored an impressive 1600 on the Digital SAT. 

Anika credits her success to the personalised and comprehensive support provided by Consultifly. She shares her experience:

“Consultifly helped me achieve this. They provided me with a Diagnostic Test initially, followed by a Customised Plan. After each session, I received assignments that helped me gain concept clarity. We had a WhatsApp group where teachers clarified my doubts instantly whenever I asked. They were always available and guided me with effective strategies. I then took mock tests, which helped me identify my weaknesses. My teachers were very patient throughout the process. I owe it all to you.”

Anika further shares her satisfaction with Consultifly’s other services:

“Additionally, I’ve taken AP Courses and the Profile Building and College Application Package from Consultifly. I’m happy to say I’ve had the best counsellors and received admission letters from NSU, Brown, and UC Berkeley. This was all possible because of Consultifly. Thanks, Mr. Akshay and team. My brother, a Harvard alumnus with an SAT score of 1590, was also guided by Consultifly, underscoring the long-term commitment and success of Consultifly in supporting students’ educational journeys.”

Over the years, Consultifly has achieved more such success stories in helping students who want to study abroad. This is exemplified by students scoring perfect marks on tests like the SAT and ACT and full marks in multiple AP exams under the team’s mentorship leading to Top Admits all across the globe with Great Scholarships.

Services Offered by Consultifly:

  • Test Preparation: Comprehensive coaching for SAT, PSAT, AP, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and CUET.
  • Profile Building: Guidance in identifying unique strengths to build a compelling student profile.
  • College Application and Admissions: Assistance in crafting essays, Statements of Purpose, and Letters of Recommendation, streamlined to enhance the admission process.
  • Additional Value-Added Services: Includes support for obtaining study loans, insurance, managing forex transactions, securing student accommodation, opening international bank accounts, providing international SIM cards, arranging air travel, and facilitating money transfers.

Consultifly is Unique, and Here’s why:

  • Effective Strategies and Mock Tests:  Employ proven strategies and regular mock tests to identify and address areas of improvement, ensuring students are well-prepared for their exams.
  • Always-Available Teachers: Consultifly dedicated team of teachers is available around the clock to provide instant doubt clarification and support to each student.
  • One-Stop Solution for All Overseas Needs: Consultifly offers comprehensive services in Coaching, Admissions, Scholarships, Visas, and Immigration. From test preparation support to securing admission to your dream university, Consultifly is dedicated to your success. With a proven track record of helping students achieve their goals, Consultifly makes international education easy and affordable.

Mr. Akshay S. Katti, an award-winning educator, continues to lead Consultifly. He is committed to adapting educational practices to meet the latest industry standards. His dedication ensures that all students receive the highest level of support and guidance, enabling them to realise their full potential.

Consultifly stands as a beacon for students aiming to navigate the complexities of studying abroad. It offers tailored solutions that have consistently resulted in exceptional outcomes for its students.

About Consultifly:

Consultifly is a Premier Educational consultancy based in Bangalore, India. Founded on the principles of dedicated service and personalised educational strategies, it has been instrumental in helping numerous students achieve their academic and personal goals through innovative teaching methodologies and comprehensive support services.

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